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Smokeless China


The reason why China has not taken this path lies in the jobs and revenue that the industry provides.

f the current trend continues, almost half of the world’s adult population will be overweight or obese by 2030

Focusing on the need to provide appropriate and less expensive care for chronic diseases, constitute a small step in the right direction.

This year, two small studies of blood tests seemed to predict Alzheimer’s 1-3 years before it occurred, but the tests are complicated and require the measurement of ten or more substances

The Screening Myth


effective diagnosis and treatment are not available, screening cannot have any impact. But there is more to the issue – namely, whether screening ultimately fulfills its intended purpose of reducing breast-cancer mortality rates

The medical community must develop the science of shared decision-making, in which epidemiological evidence informs conversations about what matters to the patient and how best to achieve those goals

DNA at 60


Gene Pool Rules


The Human Stew


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