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China to abolish temporary residence permit

Permanent residence permit holders will enjoy many of the same privileges as local residents. They may receive social security, buy apartments and cars

    Kuaidi marries Didi: End of the battle or a new beginning?

    people asked whether coupons provided by the two firms are accepted by both sides and whether the subsidies will be reduced or cut completely as a monopoly develops


      [Finance & Economy]

      Guangdong to raise minimum wage by 19%

      Guangdong province is to raise the minimum wage by an average 19 percent from May to combat a labor shortage and rising living costs

      [Business & Indsutry]

      More domestic players to fill tech void

      China is set to drop government purchases of foreign technology products as part of the national strategy to ensure information safety



      Europe’s Chimerical Capital-Markets Union

      The biggest impact on market structure will continue to come from ever-rising capital requirements

      How might a China slowdown affect the world?

      China is not the world’s growth engine and never has been.

      Life & Culture »

      Three of the best ice festivals

      If you're up for the cold, these festivals are ready and waiting to amaze you with ice sculptures and attractions


      Around the world in six cocktails

      Take a trip around the world without ever leaving the city limits, one exotic cocktail at a time

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      Dispelling the Myths of Organic Food

      To claim that organic food is more nutritious and safer would be misleading consumers, and ultimately hurt the trust between producers and consumers.

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      Issue 399

      Print: 2014-07-14


      Major Stories »

      New Financing Channels for Urbanization

      The end goal of the development of the municipal bond market and promotion of the PPP model is to build a long-term funding supply mechanism for urbanization.

      Private Hospitals to Get More Pricing Power

      The government’s monopoly of medical resources, which it has achieved through favorable policies to public hospitals, is the fundamental problem facing medical reform.

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