Big Plans, Tough Race for 3G Telecoms
Three telecoms with fledgling 3G networks are vying for tens of millions of clients in a slowing market. Are their goals reachable?
Funds Allowed in Wealth Management
The new regulation aims to remedy an old problem - with or without regulatory approval, private money flows to fund managers anyway.
Battle over Asia Aluminum's Debt Plan
A Chinese aluminum company's debt restructuring plan has triggered an acrimonious battle between the company and foreign holders of its debt.
Embattled Courts, a Backlog of Grievances
China has a 20-year-old law that's supposed to open courts to grievances against government agencies. Someday, it might work.
Citic Pacific's Crisis: More Real than Rumor
Rumor denials were frequent at Citic Pacific before a police raid and Larry Yung's resignation confirmed serious trouble.
The G20 Meetings: Financial Salvation for Emerging Markets?
The London summit's financing commitment to the IMF is an interesting and useful first step, but it will not herald anything close to a resolution of emerging market problems.
Despite G-20 Promises, IMF Issues Linger
Unfinished business after the G-20 summit revolves around the IMF, including U.S. funding and China's membership quota.
China's Private Air Carriers Losing Altitude
A weak economy, stakeholder conflicts and policy advantages for state-owned carriers are threatening the private airline sector.
Hard Landing with Hope for East Star Air
While a court and creditors sort out the financial mess left by defunct East Star Airlines, a bigger carrier is mulling a takeover.
Tweaking a Recipe for Antitrust Regulation
The Chinese anti-monopoly rule that barred a buyout of juice maker Huiyuan is still under development – and controversial.
A Realistic Prognosis for Medical Reform
China's new health care reform plan provides for better care and protection, but not universal public access and coverage.
Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds
The launch of the Santiago Principles should effectively clear away negative impressions and confusion over sovereign wealth funds.
Double Dipping in 2010
Asset prices have started to climb again, but their rise stems from a bear-market bounce, opening the door for a second global dip in 2010.
China's Dual – or Dueling -- Finance Hubs
Hong Kong's role as a financial center role is being challenged by Shanghai and yuan-based financing. Can the cities work together?
Shanghai's New Route to Financial Prestige
Through its international shipping port, Shanghai may have found a way to build a global hub for the financial services industry.
Sovereign Wealth and the Financial Crisis
China's sovereign wealth fund CIC is holding cash assets and plans to ride out the economic downturn with minimal risk.
Searching for a Better Sense of Security
Step by step, the Chinese government is strengthening a social safety net for retirees, the sick and poor. But the steps are small.
Yuan's Reach Widens with Currency Swaps
Not only do currency swaps benefit trade relations between China and other countries, but they give the yuan more international clout.
How the Coke-Huiyuan Deal Fizzled Out
What seemed an ideal match-up between juice maker Huiyuan and Coca-Cola failed an antitrust review for more reasons than one.
Medical Muddling in a Children's Epidemic
Local health officials in some parts of China set their own rules for reporting cases of hand, foot and mouth disease. That's changing.
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