Taking No Chances in the Fight against Flu
China's nationwide health response to a new strain of flu has been tough, extensive and built on the lessons of SARS.
Snowy Picture for Satellite TV in China
Provincial satellite TV providers are getting new attention from investors. But are regulators ready for real market reform?
Mainland Investors Knock at Taiwan's Door
In a warming process unimaginable a few years ago, the Taiwan Strait is slowly becoming a two-way street for investments.
Backdoor Listings: Sweet Market Poison
Loosely regulated backdoor listings are promoting speculative behavior and hobbling reform efforts on China's stock markets.
New Strategies for China's Energy Quest
In a sign of changing times, Chinese oil firms are busy cutting global deals with resource-rich countries and western companies.
Beijing Stimulus Drives Single-Gear Growth
First-quarter economic data indicates that China's regions are growing at different rates based on government investments.
Overhaul for a Broker, Downfall for its Chief
Detention for Galaxy Securities' ex-chief points to a shakeup for China's state-owned financial sector, at a regulator's expense.
At the Epicenter, an Urge to Love and Live, Part 2
The May 2008 earthquake wiped out half of Yingxiu's population. Survivors are rebuilding the town -- and their lives.
Fighting Swine Flu without a Panic Button
Science and SARS lessons encourage caution and calm rather than apathy and excessive anxiety during the swine flu outbreak.
Economic Realities and the Marx Mystique
Communist godfather Karl Marx got a lot of things right but mistook the effects of capitalism for the effects of poverty.
Stimulate Away Our Imbalances? Dream On
Five years or more down the road, we'll look back and wonder why anyone believed that the financial crisis would be brief.
Steel-Ore Price Talks Hit an Iron Wall, Again
The latest round of turbid negotiations between iron ore suppliers and Chinese steelmakers may alter the pricing mechanism for good.
Critical Choices for China's Dialysis Patients
An outbreak of hepatitis C among dialysis patients has focused attention on a cost-versus-risk dilemma for health care in China.
China's Loan Binge: Stimulus or Insanity?
Bankers, local officials and financial regulators are trying to explain -- and justify -- a stunning surge in new loans.
Analysis: Tests, Targets for a New Stimulus Package
Market indicators are lagging behind positive data tied to the government's stimulus package. The economy may need more help.
Recovery Measures for China's Economy
Pro-active steps – and a pause in policymaking – will be needed if China wants to ride out the still-raging global financial storm.
Showdown for China's Urban Gas Sector
The sudden rise of a CNPC subsidiary on the urban natural gas scene is threatening a fledgling privatization movement.
Provincial Leaders Tangled in Graft Probe
Two ex-Guangdong leaders are the latest suspects detained for alleged corruption tied to retail tycoon Huang Guangyu.
Bumps, Turns on China's Recovery Road
Export manufacturers are stinging although the latest indicators show signs of a turnaround. Is the economy improving, or not?
Zhou Xiaochuan: New Growth Tasks for the Financial Sector
Retooling China's economy through product replacement, new technology and emission cuts must include the financial sector.
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