Industrial Policy Jolts Neo-Liberal Dreamers
As neo-liberalism crumbles in the financial crisis, governments are waking up to the value of old-fashioned industrial policy.
Mainlander Takes HKEx Helm in Rough Seas
Putting an investment banker from Beijing in charge fits a Hong Kong stock exchange strategy for navigating the future.
Gome Hatches Plan to Raise HK$ 3 Billion
New shares and a private equity bond deal could revive appliance retailer Gome, although its jailed founder still wields clout.
Fiscal Credit Puts Reform on Slippery Slope
Vast credit expansion by local governments and their bank partners may jeopardize China's market reform and economic recovery.
Part III: Growth Targets Fan Shaanxi's Finance Flame
Creative investment schemes are raising money Shaanxi Province needs to meet economic stimulus goals. But at what cost?
Part II: Cities Rush into Debt -- and Possible Peril
Recent bond sales easily raised billions for cities in eastern provinces such as Anhui and Zhejiang. Repaying will be harder.
Diet Risks at a Government Finance Feast
Loose credit has encouraged local governments to finance projects with hybrid bonds and debt platforms. Are the risks too high?
Wetlands Concern Forces Refinery Relocation
Kuwaiti and Chinese partners need a new Guangdong Province site for a petrochemical complex now that Nansha has been spared.
Iron Price Wrestling Peaks for Chinese Steel
China's steel mills are refusing to rubber stamp price reductions hammered out by iron ore suppliers and other Asian buyers.
Liquidity's Role in Delusions of Recovery
Chinese market rallies, commodity prices and U.S. improvements are fueling hopes of an economic turnaround. Don't be fooled.
New Tianjin Airlines to Take off
The airlines, which will operate 53 aircraft, will operate additional national and international routes connecting Chinese cities with other Asian destinations.
Greentown and China's Real Estate Rescue
The property market bubble burst last year, but developers are still afloat thanks to governments, banks and a 'subprime' solution.
Cash, Confidence and Hopu's Bank Deal
Opportunities are running high for Asian investors, as PE firm Hopu proved by grabbing a stake in China Construction Bank.
'Mass Hysteria' in Jilin: Fair Call, or Fog?
Suspicions cloud what some are calling one of China's largest cases of psychogenic illness and others say was toxic gas poisoning.
Bank of China's Xiao on Pressure Strategy
Bank chief Xiao Gang describes how a lending surge, structural adjustment and the yuan figure in to Bank of China's future.
Personal Ties Turn Bitter for Sinolink Chief
A suspicious trail led investigators from key figures at the China Securities Regulatory Commission straight to Sinolink's Lei Bo.
Regulate with a Big Stick, Not a Fly Swatter
China's securities regulators should focus on sound oversight and tough discipline to protect, not merely stabilize, the market.
Economist: New Nail in the Decoupling Theory Coffin
GDP and industrial production data proves that emerging markets grow in tandem with the developed world – and a lot faster.
Andy Xie: Efficiency's Urgent Cry for Attention
China's economy has squeezed a lot of growth out of liquidity, exports and new infrastructure. It's time to embrace efficiency.
Coal Mine Tragedies and a Veil of Silence
The use of media gag fees to conceal coal mine accidents is at the center of a reporter's corruption trial in Hebei Province.
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