Andy Xie: New Bubble Threatens a V-Shaped Rebound
A growing liquidity bubble that ignores structural facts is the basis for today's happy talk about a comeback for the global economy.
Careful Steps toward a Stimulus Exit Door
China's fiscal stimulus has been a boost to market confidence, but maintaining strong confidence will require the right exit plan.
Economist: Reality Check for Prophets of Protectionism
Anxiety over protectionism may be groundless, as a downturn in wealthy countries today does not mirror the 1930s calamity.
Solar Power Prices Test a Downward Path
A successful tender for China's largest solar power project appears to be a market force victory over subsidized energy.
Securities Firms Dusting off IPO Dreams
Securities firms preparing IPOs after a seven-year wait are confronting old questions about putting new capital to work.
All Systems Go for China's Blastoff to Mars
The planned October launch of China's first Martian probe is part of an international project and a springboard for solo expeditions.
Hard Jolt for ESOPs in Power Sector Reform
Wrangling over employee-owned shareholding at China's power companies is ending as sector reform enters a new phase.
Peaks, Valley for Shenzhen Property Market
Real estate investors and developers have been riding a dramatic roller coaster in Shenzhen. Will the latest upswing last?
Adjusting for the Future
A marked change in macro economic policy in the third quarter is unlikely, but it might occur in the fourth quarter or early 2010.
Under the Veneer of a 'Prime' Land Market
Record-high land auction bids do not signal a revived market but rather a loose credit policy and anxious government officials.
Upscale Flats and 'Weathervane' Shanghai
A sizzling market for luxury apartments in Shanghai is luring domestic investors seeking a safe haven in uncertain times.
Real Estate Comeback: Tenacious or Tenuous?
China's property market has bounced back nicely thanks to easy credit and government policy. But it looks like a bubble.
One Man's Struggle for Black Lung Justice
A brick maker spent nearly two years successfully pursuing the occupational disease compensation he – and others -- deserved.
For Reform's Sake, Give Workers a Voice
A violent protest at a steel mill points a finger not at a privatization process but at the need for better worker-management dialogue.
Trial Probes Depth of BOCOM Loan Scam
While police hunt for a key suspect, a Guangzhou court is sorting out a scheme that may have cost the bank 9 billion yuan.
'Jobless' Recovery Invalidates Okun's Law
Recession-related U.S. GDP and unemployment rates were somewhat predictable before the latest downturn changed the game.
Views of an Airline Merger, from the Cockpit
Pilot and executive Liu Shaoyong sees the merger of his China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines as an unprecedented opportunity.
Beijing Policy and Running with the Bulls
Government regulators used policy initiatives to stimulate this year's stock market rallies. But what's the long-term cost?
Porn Charges Squeeze Google's China Engine
[2009-07-31] has restored its "suggest search prompt" function, but the search services for foreign sites are still unavailable.
Commentary: Mulling a Next Step for China's Macro Policy
Macroeconomic policy can encourage a stable economy as long as policymakers know when the time is ripe for proper adjustments.
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