Discord Over China's Cord Blood Storage
International experts and China's policymakers say public facilities can best handle demand for umbilical cord blood. So why have private blood banks profited?
China Sets a Course for Sovereign Wealth
No one doubts that China's fledgling sovereign wealth fund is huge and powerful. Now the US$ 200 billion question: Can it be properly managed?
Economist: Tax Burden
Owners of capital continue to send in the checks to pay a capital tax, but the negative response of investments to a capital tax shifts the burden of a capital tax to labor, not capital.
Slap on the Wrist for Insider Trading?
A lifetime ban on stock trading for two fund managers may be as far as Chinese regulators care to go in their effort to prevent and punish insider trading.
Economist: Taming Inflation
It is not too late to achieve a soft landing. If inflation is left to fester in 2008, a burst may become inevitable in 2009.
Chinalco’s General Manager on the Rio Tinto Buy
Spicing up strife over the mining industry’s largest proposed takeover, the Aluminum Corporation of China (Chinalco) announced February 1 the purchase of a major stake in Rio Tinto.
New Owners on Tap for Securities Firms
Chinese securities firms have been subject to ownership and oversight shuffling for years, but nine firms linked to government agencies may get new owners in 2008.
Securities Drama Unfolds Slowly in China
Success stories are few and challenges extensive for the foreign and domestic securities firms brave enough to launch joint ventures despite Chinese regulators.
TD's Hard Life in China's Wireless World
China's standard for wireless communications, TD, has been snubbed by domestic mobile operators and global players alike. Will it ever win respect?
Shagang the Integrator
Shagang Group Co. Ltd., China’s largest private steel enterprise, is now the pride of Jiangsu Province and a fitting symbol of the rise of private steelmaking in a country traditionally dominated by state-owned operators.
Economist: Get Ready for a Tough First Half
A quick look at the current economic trends in the U.S. and China suggests that there's more pain to come.
Accessing and trading China’s slowdown risk
We do not believe the market turmoil to affect China’s real economy much, and expect the policy makers to shift focus more on sustaining stable growth.
Economist: Echoes from the Storms
A crisis can turn into an opportunity. China’s goal should be to eliminate the difference between migrants and locals.
IMF Head Sees Slower Growth, Urges Faster RMB Appreciation
Managing Director at International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the worst of current crisis is not behind us, and the slowdown in the US economy would shave a 3/4 to one percentage point off most countries’ GDP growth.
China in 2008: the Balancing Game
In a series of articles surveying various sectors ranging from securities to the Olympic Games, Caijing reporters have summed up their forecasts for China in 2008. These forecasts will shed light on where we stand and what lies ahead.
Ice Breaks for Bancassurance in China
Banks and insurance companies have cooperated for years, and now regulators have given cautious approval to the closer ties that both sides covet.
Tighter Credit in Store for 2008
Chinese banks are under regulatory orders to slow the pace of lending this year, with smaller banks feeling more pinch than larger lenders. But are the controls market-oriented?
Economist: Stop Intrusive Advertising
Intrusive advertising has become ubiquitous, not just within residential areas. Noise and light pollution are everywhere, severely cutting the quality of life.
Economist: The Subprime Housing Crisis
The Fed, Treasury, and Congress should concentrate on using monetary and possibly tax policies to help maintain the strength of the American economy that has so far done well despite the housing crisis.
Status Quo for China-U.S. Financial Talks
Increasing foreign access to China’s securities and banking industries continues to be a key topic for Chinese and U.S. negotiators.
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