Economist: Plenty of Hot Air, But So Far No Bubble
Despite market chatter and China's rise, necessary preconditions for an asset bubble in the emerging world haven't surfaced yet.
Andy Xie: Why One Bubble Burst Deserves Another
The financial crisis taught crucial lessons about the dangers of bubbles, loose regulation and debt. It's a pity we didn't learn.
Ex-Official Gets 18 Years for Subsidy Graft
Government funds budgeted for Guangxi farm and water projects were used to decorate Sun Yu's villa. Now he's going to jail.
Growing Pains for a National Grain Reserve
China's state-run grain storage firm Sinograin is rapidly expanding into logistics, processing and sales. Will private rivals survive?
Trail of Death Leads Doctors to Nanoparticles
Beijing doctors who studied the deaths of paint shop employees have joined an international debate over nanoparticle safety.
Wrist Slaps Planned for Illicit Power Plants
Power plants that popped up across China without government permission in recent years expect to be fined, then approved.
Diversifying Medical Care Suppliers in China
China's reforms must not only devote a large sum of money to bring health coverage to uninsured people, but also work on enlarging medical service capacity.
Rolling Dice with Market Games, Loan Policy
Things got quiet for two months after a surge in bank loans sparked a stock market frenzy in the first half 2009. Now the players are back.
Long IPO Road for an Insurance Powerhouse
China's historically first but sometimes second-rate life insurer, PICC, is restructuring again in hopes of a dual listing IPO.
Legal Struggles for a Cleaner Environment
An environmental group's success in court against a local government agency may lay the groundwork for legal progress.
Long Road to Reform for Lenovo's Parent
The state's sale of a major stake in Legend Holdings, parent of computer giant Lenovo, marks progress toward privatization.
Lu Zhiqiang: Bullish about Lenovo's Legend
The chairman of investment firm Oceanwide, Legend's new private stakeholder, has no doubts about growing share value.
Liu Chuanzhi on Legend's New Ownership
The head of Legend Holdings, the parent of computer giant Lenovo, predicts better governance under a new share structure.
Opening Salvo in a Brutal Derivatives Battle
State-owned companies that apparently lost billions of dollars in derivatives trading are threatening international investment banks.
Andy Xie: What We Can Learn as Japan's Economy Sinks
Japan hasn't sustained growth bounces for decades, nor will it under the DPJ government. Therein lie lessons for other economies.
Editorial: Room for Optimism, But Not for Amnesia
The anniversary of Lehman's collapse is a chance to re-evaluate urgent structural reform rather than revel in superficial recovery.
Reform Steps May Snap Coal-Power Impasse
Reshaping a power distribution and coal transport system that leans on government planning may offer a 'permanent cure.'
Economist: Our 1870 Mystique, through History's Lens
Market economies flourished in China and Europe long before the Industrial Revolution. So what lit the rocket of modern growth?
China Eximbank Navigates Export Tide
In the wake of a drop in exports, a policy bank's path is being re-drawn; clear strategies for allocating 200 bln yuan injection have yet to be determined.
Part III: Ethical Issues
Executed criminals supply most of the transplanted organs in China, fueling ethics debates and demand for live-donor surgery.
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