Editorial: China's 8 Percent Window of Opportunity
Now that the recovery is under way and growth assured, China should focus on financial system reform and global responsibility.
Currencies: A Front Line for Global Balance
Fluctuating currency values can make or break foreign exchange traders. On a far wider scale, they affect global economic balance.
Cloudy Prospects for Investing Down Under
The recent collapse of several Chinese investment deals in Australia is raising concerns about government barriers.
Cut Ties that Bind China to Special Interests
Too many selfish special interest groups are squeezing common people, perverting law and hurting the government.
Loan Surge Sows Risk at Rural Credit Co-ops
Rural credit cooperatives are shunning farmers in favor of government investment projects, raising fears of future defaults.
Slow Start for Pension Investment Strategy
Huge pension funds locked in low-rate accounts could be used for more lucrative investments. But one plan's details are controversial.
Vanke's Big Bet in a Quiet Corner of Beijing
China's largest property developer has had limited success in Beijing despite 20 years of trying. Is Fangshan its game-changer?
Tax Man Scurries in China's Fiscal Squeeze
A government goal to boost tax revenues 8.2 percent this year may be unreachable. But ambitious state tax collectors aren't giving up.
In Guiyang, a Golden Rule Built on Graft
Climbing a government career ladder proved lucrative for Fan Zhongqian, who allegedly accepted developer bribes for 20 years.
Bearish Bump for China's International Board
Positive signals for an international board on the Shanghai Stock Exchange point to a nearing launch. But major obstacles remain.
Geithner's Formula for Post-Crisis Optimism
Speaking with Caijing's editor, U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner explained his support for IMF quotas and the U.S. dollar.
Editorial: Accelerating IMF's Slow Wheels of Reform
The financial crisis has given the world a chance to balance quotas and reform the International Monetary Fund. Will we squander it?
China's Economy: 60 Years of Progress (Part IV)
Comprehensive Reforms, 1994 to 2009. As reforms deepened, a battle between pro- and anti-reform factions became increasingly fierce.
'Macroprudential' in the Eye of a Regulator Storm
A debate over a proposed macroprudential approach to financial regulation is focusing China's central bank and three sector supervisors.
Lawsuit Barrage Exposes Credit Swindling Secrets
A businessman allegedly used bank credit, offshore companies and copper imports in a bogus financing scheme that soaked traders.
China's Economy: 60 Years of Progress (Part III)
Incremental Reform, 1979-'93. State and private sectors coexisted.
China's Economy: 60 Years of Progress (Part II)
Decentralizing the Command Economy, 1958-'78. Multiple transfers of administrative power brought disorder and ended in a return to centralized power.
MCC Debut: Turning Point for China's IPOs?
Dual IPOs that raised US$ 5.3 billion for Metallurgical Corp. of China could portend a big change for Chinese stock debuts.
China's Economy: 60 Years of Progress
China has paid a high price for economic transformation since 1949. It's reaping dividends, but the reform process must continue.
Editorial: Disciplined Officials Disclose Their Assets
The fight against government corruption has a new tool in the form of stronger party support for asset disclosure. Let's not stop now.
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