Tough Times for Chinese Power, Oil Firms
Squeezed by a combination of government price controls and higher input costs, the once-profitable companies that fuel China are reporting big losses.
End of a Low-Cost Era for Business in China
Manufacturing costs are rising for processing companies in China, sparking a dramatic change in the industrial landscape. But it's not all gloom.
Hush Falls Over China
Economic pressures are mounting for shoemakers and other low-end manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta. Is an industrial overhaul the solution?
Small Chinese Banks Try New Survival Path
Market-driven consolidation among local commercial banks is replacing an old means of consolidating banks that proved costly and inefficient.
Lingering Wrangle Over China's Labor Law
The fractious debate over employment codes did not end when China's new labor law took effect in January. Employers and a union are still at odds.
Merrill Lynch Adds China to Turnaround Plan
The investment bank's chief executive, John A. Thain, wants a brokerage in China as part of a global effort to dig out from the subprime crisis.
Hunting for Tax Dodgers and Danone Deals
Tax inspectors are trailing Zong Qinghou, the Wahaha Group chief locked in a dispute with France's Danone. But the suspect may have made amends.
Economist: Risk-Taking by Top Executives
Are CEOs creating precarious bubbles due to inadequate compensation models?
The Ping An-Fortis Deal: Who Really Wins?
China's Ping An Insurance chose a turbulent time to buy a big stake in Fortis for its first overseas investment, and boost that stake just months later.
Economist: The End of the Dollar Crisis
Low US interest rates and a weak US economy, together with ongoing financial risk aversion, should keep the dollar at current levels for a while.
Economist: Beyond Bear Stearns
Bear Stearns may be just the first string in a large unraveling of events.
CCB head Guo Shuqing: BOA Won't Pull Out
In an exclusive interview with Caijing, Guo Shuqing, chairman of China Construction Bank (CCB), one of China’s “Big Four” state-owned banks, talked about plunging real estate prices, the stock market, and opportunities for the bank to make acquisitions overseas.
Shareholding By Management of Power Companies Finally Banned
Shareholding in power companies turns its back on history aiming to find new solutions.
Back to Reality for China’s A-share Market
A flood of formerly ‘non-tradable’ stocks and other factors contributed to a recent downturn for Shanghai stocks. Might there be a silver lining?
CCB head Guo Shuqing: Challenges, Opportunities and Finding the Right Acquisition
In an exclusive interview with Caijing, Guo Shuqing managing director of China Construction Bank (CCB), one of China’s “Big Four” state-owned banks, talked about plunging real estate prices, the stock market, and opportunities for the bank to make acquisitions overseas.
Economist: A balanced NPC government work report as we expected
We believe the content of the PM’s keynote speech is much more benign for growth than the market has been worried about.
Economist: On Free Trade and National Security
If possible, the current superpower should embrace its possible successor. It should bind it as closely as possible with ties of blood, commerce, and culture--so that should the emerging superpower come to its full strength, it will to as great an extent possible share the world view of and regard itself as part of the same civilization as its predecessor.
The Challenge of Managing State-Owned Financial Assets
The next phase of SFA reform in breaking down blocks of vested interest and spreading the gains of reform hinge on the SFA investor taking up its responsibilities and asserting its rights
Guiding an Economy In Uncertain Times
Beijing’s new guidelines for macroeconomic control call for slower growth and tighter monetary policy. But will inflation and export issues rock the boat?
Economist: Sustaining China’s Growth: the 3rd 10,000 Days
China will need a whole new direction in economic governance including new and innovative institutions that provide an efficient regulatory framework and take on a pro-competitive mission.
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