Decision Time for Bad Assets Management
A decade after Chinese banks handed 1.4 trillion yuan in bad debt to state-owned asset managers, a debt pile remains while managers ponder the future.
Experts Race to Fight Post-Disaster Disease
Protecting survivors from waterborne and foodborne diseases plays a major role in Sichuan's post-quake recovery effort.
Tungsten Struggle on the Sino-Vietnam Line
A move to consolidate tungsten mining in southern China has failed to end feuding between farmers and a local government, while mining firms wait.
Refiners Squeezed by China's Oil Price Gap
As global crude prices surge and Beijing's price controls hold firm, refiners such as the joint venture WEPEC are struggling with mounting losses.
Death of a Chipmaker Marks Dark Day for TD
Delays in launching a 3G mobile phone network contributed to the demise of TD standard chipmaker COMMITT. Said one expert, “I feel TD is dying.”
China's $85 Billion Mystery Slowly Unravels
Official statistics do not mention it, but short-term investment capital known as hot money is apparently flooding China. Experts say they know why.
Sinosteel raised its offer to conditionally secure a takeover of iron ore supplier Midwest as part of China's effort to win access to Australian mines.
Shanghai Casts Light on Shady Property Deals
An ex-official for a Shanghai government land office is on trial for arranging deals that benefited friends. The suspect, Yin Guoyuan, also got rich.
Water Crisis on the North China Plain
As wells are deepening in Northern China, the water crisis is entrenching for the long run.
Macroeconomic Policies Aim at Multiple Objectives
China's economy is navigating through dangerous, quickening waters. What course will the central bankers helmsman take?
Save the Market from the Bear
Is the hefty bear market picking itself back up on top of invisible legs?
What's Behind Shanghai's Flat Discounts?
Government officials were among the apartment buyers who saved up to 50 percent thanks to developer 'gifts.'
Forest Industry Integration Hits a Knot
Clashes between a papermaking giant and villagers over forest rights reflect flaws in China's forestry-paper industry reform effort.
PetroChina's Financials Caught in Catch-22
Global crude oil prices are surging, but state-owned oil giant PetroChina is missing the party. State taxes and price controls are to blame.
Bird Flu Flap: Did It Jump From Son to Dad?
Health officials are debating whether person-to-person transmission of the deadly bird flu virus has occurred in China. But even if it hasn't yet, it may someday.
China Holds Its Breath for Clean-Coal Power
High-tech systems for coal-fired power plants are generating interest in China now that cutting emissions and improving efficiency are key concerns.
Can China Root Out Poverty-Fighting Graft?
Officials in a central China county allegedly misused anti-poverty funds for 14 years. Their poor neighbors remain poor, but the government is changing.
Foreign Reserves Seek Higher Investment Returns
SAFE searches out higher returns to compensate for US dollar denominated losses.
China-EU Dialogue to Deepen Corporation
China and the European Union held the first China-EU High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue last Week.
Two Bankers Take Fraud Secrets to the Grave
Audits and criminal probes were under way when two executives at a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China killed themselves. What did they know?
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