Analysis: Stock Option Logic and Reality
Quality managers deserve stock option incentives, but only if the reward system harmonizes with corporate governance.
Chinese, Australians Reach Ore Price Deal
China had substantial bargaining power during this year's iron ore price talks, but the Australians won price increases anyway.
Who Disciplines Corrupt Disciplinarians?
An extensive bribery case in Hunan Province convinced party officials to rethink China's discipline inspection system.
Book Review: On the Road with Bei Dao, by Candelight
Poet Bei Dao's new book takes readers on a tour of experiences and companions around the world, both living and dead.
China Learns from Taiwan's Health Reform
Hospitals backed by Taiwanese firms have opened on the mainland, giving China’s public health sector some good examples to follow.
Credit Suisse to Own Management Rights in JV
The Swiss securities firm owns only 33.3 percent of the stake, but will still have the final say in the management of the new joint securities firm.
Why Did So Many Sichuan Schools Collapse?
A close look at five schools affected by the Sichuan earthquake helps explain why so many collapsed, and so many died.
Analysis: Pricing is Key to Power Reform
Market reform of China's power sector began in 2002, but achievements have been limited and goals remain unmet.
Foreigners Access China Via Joint Trusts
A green light for joint trusts with Chinese firms is giving overseas investors new opportunities in the financial sector.
Telecoms Undergo Restructuring -- Again
The latest overhaul for China's telecom industry is expected to cut the field to from six to three operators. But hurdles remain.
Multinationals Face Chinese Labor Clout
As companies such as Kraft and GE have learned, worker issues and a new labor law are taken seriously in China.
Financial Services for a Healthy Economy
Maximizing the role of non-bank financial institutions in credit lending is one way to solve the credit shortage.
Coal Shortage Strains Chinese Power Plants
Power companies are losing money, burning reserves and idling turbines as steadily rising coal prices nationwide pressure the price-controlled industry.
End of the Line for Share Segment Warrants
Small traders lost and institutional investors made a killing through China's share segmentation warrants, a financial innovation whose time is up.
Media Tries Market Route to Independence
Shanghai media firms are preparing to go public with a view to raising capital and cutting government control.
Financial Tycoon Lives and Dies in Private
The suicide of Wei Dong ended the life of a mysterious financier who was controversial – and under investigation.
Court Clarifies Rules for Dissolving Firms
The nation's highest court has tried again to smooth out bumps in a 3-year-old law for companies going under.
Is China Really Ready for Transgenic Rice?
China's cotton farms have benefited from genetic modification, but so far it's been a hard row to hoe for rice.
Real Estate Lenders Warned of Rising Risk
Banking regulators are warning banks to watch out for bad loans as credit tightens and sales stagnate.
Regulators Seesaw on Stock, Margin Lending
Despite two years of regulatory planning and market speculation, China still has no agenda for addressing potentially risky stock and margin lending.
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