Pricing Conflict Pits Coal, Power Suppliers
Coal prices are up, quality is down, and supplies are dwindling as the government continues to control electric power prices.
CDB Investment Bucks the Boys Upstairs
By pouring more into Barclays, China Development Bank balked at critics but exposed holes in foreign investment strategy.
Ode to the Downfall of a Finance Emperor
To become a famous composer, Wang Yi didn't have to read music. All he needed was the power to regulate securities markets.
Haier Treads Carefully Toward GE Offer
General Electric's appliance business could give China's Haier a coveted U.S. sales network. But financial risks loom.
Regulatory Cracks Surface in Fraud Probe
An online commodity exchange operator apparently flew the coop with client cash, raising questions about market oversight.
Hard Knocks for a Policy Bank in Transition
China Development Bank was already wrestling with transition issues when its latest Barclays stock plan was shot down.
Former Morgan Stanley Exec Faces Charges
Du Jun, former managing director for Morgan Stanley has been charged by Hong Kong authorities with criminal insider trading.
TD Mobile Phone Standard Refuses to Die
Government support and China Mobile's persistence have kept China's homegrown standard alive – and eyeing growth.
Regulators Ease Up on Insurance Industry
A pilot project in Tianjin may be a first step toward wider regulatory reforms and insurance privatization.
Shaky Preparations for Securities Firm IPOs
A bear market challenges IPO hopefuls in the securities sector, such as Everbright Securities. But the clock is ticking.
China's Alternative Vehicles at a Crossroad
Researchers, policymakers and automakers are struggling to plot a course for an alternative vehicle industry still in its infancy.
Irrigation Reform: Make Every Drop Count
Determined to conserve precious water, China plans to plug its leaky crop irrigation system and end wasteful farming.
Battle over National Standard for Mobile TV
The continuing dispute over a national standard has created more uncertainty for the future of mobile TV services in China.
Modest Results for Finance Sector at SED
Neither U.S. nor Chinese negotiators yielded much ground on the financial front at the latest Strategic Economic Dialog talks.
Painful Lessons for Post-Quake Rebuilding
Missing money and high-rises with no elevators are legacies of a public-private reconstruction project worth learning from.
One More Rung on China's Energy Ladder
China raised controlled prices for refined oil and electricity in June, sparking talk about Beijing's next step toward market pricing.
Largest Steel Maker Emerges in Hebei 
China's largest steelmaker inaugurated in Hebei – the province’s first step to integrating its solid steel industry.
A Rising Tide of SOE Stock Option Rights 
Two company cases show what Chinese regulators didn’t know about how execs exercised their option, and how rich it made them.
Quake Shakes 'Official' Charities in China
Internet fund-raising, post-quake relief and a wary public are putting pressure on government-controlled philanthropy.
China's Execs Sweating Over Stock Options
After nine years and billions of yuan in cash-ins, China is again reviewing stock options for state-owned company chiefs.
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