Patchy Prospects for Sewing Machine Giant
A local government and private lenders are trying to stitch up China’s Feiyue Group. But creditors want their money.
Fast-Track Rescues for Shaoxing's Failures
Textile companies that ran short of cash, borrowed too much and expanded too fast are still getting bailouts in Shaoxing.
Zhejiang: Trapped in a Public-Private Spiral
Government rescues, overexpansion, family-style management and odd financing tactics litter Zhejiang’s business landscape.
Stage Fright for China's Sovereign Investor
China's government investor CIC rushed for the exit door when a ‘safe’ U.S. fund started to crumble. Did it move fast enough?
Profitable Affiliates Sidetrack Rail System
Jumbled affiliates working with China's huge railway network generate big profits and, auditors say, bad business.
Death Verdict for a Beijing Bribery Career
Liu Zhihua had a hand in Beijing projects from a museum to Olympics venues while developers greased his palm.
Reshuffling Begins for State Finance Arms
Two branches of China’s sovereign wealth fund, Central Huijin and China Jianyin, will take on new assignments.
Overhaul for Debt-Laden Agricultural Bank
ABC’s restructuring will follow a path cut by other state banks. But with 818 billion yuan in NPLs, the journey may be longer.
Citic Pacific Stung by ‘Cowboy’ Investment
Citic Pacific – and other Chinese firms -- bet the wrong way on risky foreign exchange instruments. Was fraud involved?
Faltering Exports Expose B2B's Soft Side
A warning about export weakness hurting B2B leader Alibaba was prescient. Now, can China's e-commerce sector turn domestic?
PE Firm Hony Finds a Way to ‘Go Global’
Behind the buyout of an Italian company by heavy equipment maker Zoomlion was a PE firm with a clear strategy.
Nuclear Power Expands to China’s Interior
Now that a technology standard has been chosen, China is ready to launch nuclear power plant projects for its inland provinces.
Red Flags Fly Over Stock Buybacks
A well-intentioned stock buyback program on China’s A-share market is apparently breeding a new variety of insider trading.
China's Race Against Economic Slowdown
Interest rate cuts were a positive step, but experts say deeper policy adjustments are needed to maintain economic growth.
Only Hard Choices for Oil Price Reform
Calls for reforming China’s price mechanism for oil, 50 percent of which is imported, are getting louder as global prices swing.
Spilling the Blame for China's Milk Crisis
Unscrupulous business practices, supervisory holes and reporting delays contributed to China’s worst dairy disaster.
Iron Ore Pricing Talks Reach a Crossroads
Conditions may be ripe for overhauling a price mechanism that China’s steelmakers favor and big ore suppliers want to change.
New Frontiers for China's Financial Sector
Redrawing supervisory boundaries and relaxing controls would benefit China's financial services sector - and its economy.
Tell-All Trial for a Real Estate Kingpin
Prosecutors say bribery was a source of cash and luxury apartments for ex-Shanghai official Kang Huijun and his wife.
On the Trail of a Likely Loan Dodger
Bank investigators are trying to explain how a successful business in Huludao managed to dump its debt.
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