Global Financial Crisis: Life after the Boom
With soaring commodity prices, Africa was starting to flourish before economic problems emerged
Global Financial Crisis: Taiwan Stumbles
Taiwan's economy needs urgent reforms to rescue its middle class and medium sized businesses.
Hong Kong: Backed by the Mainland
Financial services benefited Hong Kong, but now it's time for a change.
Devil’s in Details for China’s Stimulus Plan
Local governments are supposed to help pay for a 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus package. Where will they get the money?
‘King’ of Tianjin Economic Zone Arrested
The latest chapter in an unfolding tale of corruption at Tianjin's Binhai Economic Zone focuses on its ex-chief, Pi Qiansheng.
Paying the Price for China’s Milk Scandal
Hospitals and parents of babies sickened by melamine-tainted milk powder formula are shouldering huge costs they can't pay.
Mixed Signals for China’s Smoking Control
Chinese delegates at a global tobacco-control conference gave anti-smoking forces new reasons to cheer and jeer.
Tolls Out, Taxes Up for Fuel Price Reform
By increasing fuel taxes and eliminating fees and road tolls, China expects to end a decade of debates over fuel price reform.
Dead End for a Tycoon’s Creative Financing
Trapped by financing schemes that he used to build a retail empire, one of the richest men in China is now in police custody.
Dairy Deal Turns Sour for Foreign Investors
After two years and US$ 103 million, a group of foreign investors has won control of Taizinai – a defunct, indebted dairy.
China Ramps up Financial Sector Stimuli
A nine-measure package broadened the government's economic stimulus plan to embrace REITs, PEs and other vehicles.
Foreign Banks in China Feel Liquidity Heat
Cautious interbank lending in China is putting pressure on foreign banks, although a new government facility may help.
Telecoms Struggle with 3G Static in China
Commercializing a homegrown standard for 3G mobile phones has been a tall order for China's telecom industry.
Honeymoon Ends for Chinese Steelmakers
Falling demand for Chinese steel is hurting the industry now but may open a door to future mergers and a bigger market share.
The Natural Bottom
The G-20 summit had its successes, but it failed to generate a coordinated strategy for handling the global economic crisis.
Oil Rigs: China’s Overseas Stepping Stones
The president of oil services firm COSL discusses its buyout of a Norwegian rival in the context of China’s global strategy.
Foreign Investment Process in Graft Storm
What began as a probe of one Ministry of Commerce official has spread to other agencies that oversee foreign investment.
Chaotic Taxi Strike Pays Off in Chongqing
The official response to a walkout by thousands of Chongqing taxi drivers quelled tension and satisfied some demands.
Steel Company’s Big Dream Rusts in Debt
FerroChina wanted to borrow its way to first place among the world’s galvanized steel producers. The strategy failed.
Foreign Investment Rings Hollow in Suzhou
Suzhou’s shift to foreign-funded manufacturing made sense during the booming 1990s. But now its business model is in jeopardy.
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