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Even if gambling revenue starts to rise again after the World Cup ends, future growth will be bumpier

The program was meant to stimulate the dynamism and creativity of IC companies and accelerate the pace at which China's IC industry catches up with international leaders.

Betting on a future beyond handsets and hardware looks not only smart, but financially necessary.

Analysts say the listing is expected to raise somewhere around $15 billion, which would make it the technology industry's largest IPO since Facebook's in 2012.

Alibaba will take the one-third stake in UCWeb that it does not already own,UCWeb chief executive Yu Yongfu said the deal would value his company at more than $1.9 billion

Insurance companies can now apply for approval for new marine insurance products from the Shanghai Institute of Marine Insurance (SIMI)

Xie Zhenhua, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission, said Chinese enterprises traded over 3.85 million tons of carbon emission quotas as of May 23

Investors are buying into Liu’s expertise, but they should be under no illusions about who’s getting the better deal.

China will now be seen as an ally to Russia, which seemingly cares ever less about international views on its robust foreign policy.

GSK’s misfortune brings lessons, but a cure for China’s graft fever remains distant.

While a comprehensive crackdown is unlikely, policing mobile payment terminals is a sign that tolerance has its limits. Casino investors are still depending too much on lucky breaks.

China is sensitive to keeping prices low for consumers, and the companies specialise in fighting rich-world diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes which are growing with China’s waistline.

Alibaba has a strong track record of identifying users’ needs, but investors needs matter too – and clarity is a big one.

Among the 117 developers listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, 61 posted shrinking profits or even losses for the first three months

Strong consumer demand, favorable policies, and large-scale capital inflow are pushing the domestic and cross-border e-commerce logistics into a period of rapid growth.

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