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as some Chinese investors have experienced losses with other financial products, a growing number are becoming more passionate about investing in wine instead

Online sales on Alibaba's Tmall.com, Taobao.com and its overseas outlets, such as AliExpress, topped 57.1 billion yuan ($9.34 billion) as of 11:30 pm Tuesday, beating Tmall and Taobao's combined 2013 Singles' Day sales of 36.2 billion yuan

The company has launched an emergency plan to deal with it. It has formed a team of legal experts and will "resort to legal means to safeguard the legal rights of the company

Lenovo must continuously roll out products that appeal strongly to Chinese buyers in function and price to maintain its market share in the country.

It will invest $1 billion in television content building, the company said on its official micro blog on Tuesday. The investment is aimed at enriching the company's content and becoming a "leading bellwether for the industry", Xiaomi said

But global dairy firms such as Danone, traditionally dominant in the lucrative premium end of the milk powder sector, are having to fend off increasingly savvy local brands. Beijing is also pushing consolidation to strengthen domestic players

Samsung failed to tackle the downward trend of smarpthone prices amid fiercer competition with Chinese rivals such as Huawei, which has provided middle- to low-end products.

Samsung failed to tackle the downward trend of smarpthone prices amid fiercer competition with Chinese rivals such as Huawei, which has provided middle- to low-end products.

Six Amazon platforms in the US, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Italy have officially opened for sales to Chinese consumers

The sectors proving most popular for mergers and acquisitions included the Internet, real estate, electronics, healthcare and mining.

The best companies in the world were started not because the founders wanted to be entrepreneurial, but because they wanted to change the world

Chinese buyers overtook Americans to become the biggest buyers of real estate in Australia in the 12 months to June 2013, investing A$5.9 billion into commercial and residential property, a 42 percent increase from the previous 12 months

"The regulation of the online payment industry in the West is muc stricter than in China. Alipay also needs to cooperate with several banks and financial organizations in the West. Trust cannot be built overnight

The government's crackdown on corruption had hurt sales, as had war in the Middle East and the impact of the Ebola virus on travel.

Rumors said the Beijing government had accepted a draft plan by a local property think tank to gradually abolish the 20-percent tax on profits for each second home sold, lower the contract tax and lessen home-purchasing restrictions for non-Beijingers

For Tencent, it gives them a stake into the local advertising business, a lucrative segment that it can cross-promote through its mobile properties

But with sales falling rapidly and inventory pressures going up, most of the Chinese developers have started to speed up their diversification strategies with an eye on sustained, long-term growth

The 14-year ban on game consoles in China ended on Monday with the launch of Microsoft Corp's Xbox One, which was also the first anniversary of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, has become the richest man in China with a fortune of 150 billion yuan ($24.4 billion), according to the "Hurun Rich List 2014" released by the Hurun Research Institute on Tuesday

A leading omni-channel commerce expert has made a bold statement to global retailers: do not rely too much on platforms run by Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd as the sole "face" of their business in the region.

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