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July also marked the third consecutive monthly decline in property prices, which took place against the backdrop of easing by many cities on purchases and financing conditions.

"Previously, we had to go out to sell our services to corporate institutions door-to-door, but now we just sit in the office and representatives from government institutions come knocking on the door," Hu says.

The company's revenue in the first six months was 3.13 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8 percent. But its loss attributed to equity holders was increased from 184.2 million yuan last year to 585.8 million yuan

China's search engine giant Baidu has been urged to clean up improper content after its online storage service was found to have pornographic files

China stepped up pressure on foreign carmakers in the world's biggest auto market Wednesday, pledging to punish German luxury brand Audi and Chrysler of the United States for "monopoly behaviour"

Xiaomi’s frugal yet funky model may ultimately succeed only in making the smartphone industry a more competitive - and less lucrative - business.

A Chinese government procurement agency has excluded Symantec and Kaspersky, two foreign security software developers, from a security software supplier list.

Xiaomi's next step is to target the international market in Asia and Europe, where it will have to invest big money to familiarize Western consumers with its unfamiliar brand name," said Strategy Analytics director Woody Oh

Scandals of Shanghai Husi Food Co supplying expired meat, international brands such as KFC, McDonald's and Starbucks were forced into the spotlight over their quality control,companies like Pizza Hut, Burger King, Papa John's and Dicos were included

As the downward trend emerges in more cities, local governments are trying to boost the market by easing home purchase restrictions. Up to Tuesday, among the 49 cities that introduced property policies, 31 cities have lifted home purchase restrictions

The group ceased operations of the Shanghai Husi plant for internal and external investigations,and extended their internal reviews to ensure that compliance met their global standards.

A bankruptcy court has approved the sale of one-time star electric carmaker Fisker Automotive to the Chinese auto parts group Wanxiang

Zuckerberg’s goal of changing how people relate to each other, government and social institutions, as he put it in his letter in the initial public offering documents, seems increasingly out of reach.

It’s no easy task to impress consumers and investors, but now that the shares are tightly wound, they just need an iWatch, or another best-selling gadget, to set them off.

"The incident won't change my eating here," said Liu. "There have been negative reports all the time. McDonald's and KFC are the leaders in the industry."

Mobile phone users represent a large share of the online population, the centre said, with 527 million people in China accessing the Internet using mobile devices in the six months to June.

While Huawei may not be welcome in the United States, the market heft of the People’s Republic makes it an ample consolation prize.

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