Cosco Lost Big on Forward Contracts
China’s largest shipping company lost 430 million yuan on options bets it made on the price of freight routes.
Overhaul for Debt-Laden Agricultural Bank
ABC’s restructuring will follow a path cut by other state banks. But with 818 billion yuan in NPLs, the journey may be longer.
Industry & Companies Oct. 27 to 31
Industry & Companies Oct. 27 to 31: Vanke Slowed Down Housing Construction, Power Industry Braces for Heavy Losses, Chalco’s Profit Plunges, Sanyuan Wants to Acquire Sanlu and more
Minmetals Signs Deal with Russia's Mechel
Minmetals secures an agreement to expand its operations in Russia during the Third Russian-Chinese Economic Forum.
Adidas May Slow China Production Growth
As the costs of manufacturing and materials rise, apparel companies like Adidas are increasingly seeing China as a consumer market rather than producer.
China Lifting Some Textile Export Quotas
Quotas that limited textile exports to the United States and Europe under a WTO agreement will be removed in January.
Chinalco Squeezed by Falling Aluminum Price
Chinalco posted a 93 percent drop in profits for the third quarter of 2008. Rising costs and a low aluminum prices are blamed.
Industry & Companies Oct. 20 to 24
Finance & Economy Oct. 20 to 24: Beijing housing, toy manufacture's panic, SOHO chairman pessimistic on real estate, aluminium reserve, Australian dollar, venture capital market, Hunan TV, Bank's results
Faltering Exports Expose B2B's Soft Side
A warning about export weakness hurting B2B leader Alibaba was prescient. Now, can China's e-commerce sector turn domestic?
Huaneng Posts Huge Third Quarter Loss
Another Chinese power producer has released disastrous third-quarter results, with losses of 2.16 billion yuan.
Panic, Shutdowns Spread in Toy Industry
The collapse of industry leader Smart Union was the latest sign that an export slowdown is crippling Chinese toymakers.
Textile Firms Getting Government Bailouts
Heavily indebted companies in one of China’s major textile manufacturing regions are slated for rescue, at any cost.
Foreign Firms Shiver in Real Estate Chill
China's real estate market has caught a cold, forcing foreign investors to revise their strategies to stay in the game.
PE Firm Hony Finds a Way to ‘Go Global’
Behind the buyout of an Italian company by heavy equipment maker Zoomlion was a PE firm with a clear strategy.
Chinese Steel Makers Resist Ore Price Rise
Representatives from China's major steel plants said they will resist a further increase in iron ore prices for next year.
Nuclear Power Expands to China’s Interior
Now that a technology standard has been chosen, China is ready to launch nuclear power plant projects for its inland provinces.
MCC Moves toward an IPO
MCC has settled on the management of its holding company. Now all that’s left is to get their finances in order.
Only Hard Choices for Oil Price Reform
Calls for reforming China’s price mechanism for oil, 50 percent of which is imported, are getting louder as global prices swing.
China Netcom Withdraws Listing
China Netcom pulled its listings October 15 in Hong Kong and the NYSE in preparation for a merger with China Unicom.
Chinese Investors Cautiously Interested in AIA Sale
The struggling American insurer AIG announced plans to sell assets in its Asian subsidiary, drawing the attention of some of China’s biggest players.
Ferro China Facing Bankruptcy
Ferro China announced October 8 that it is unable to repay what could be as much as 5.2 billion yuan in depts.
Monster Buys Remaining Shares of ChinaHR
U.S. recruitment giant Monster Worldwide just completed a deal giving it total control of the online hiring firm ChinaHR.
Iron Ore Pricing Talks Reach a Crossroads
Conditions may be ripe for overhauling a price mechanism that China’s steelmakers favor and big ore suppliers want to change.
Subsidies of 300 Mil Yuan for Dairy Farmers
The central plans to pour 300 million yuan into China’s staggered dairy industry in hopes of staving off collapse.
Blackstone Purchases Share in Bluestar
Blackstone purchases 20 percent of Chinese chemical manufacturer Bluestar, giving the U.S. firm its first major toe hold in the Chinese market.
Melamine Found in Multinational Products
The chemical that sickened Chinese babies has been found in famous-brand chocolates and other dairy products overseas.
CIC Appoints New Supervisory Chief
Jing Liqun has been appointed as the new supervisory chief of CIC, the state-controlled fund that focuses on overseas investment.
Berkshire Hathaway Invests in BYD
A subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will buy 225 million shares of China's largest battery maker, BYD.
Sanyuan May Aquire Sanlu
Beijing's Sanyuan may aquire the wayward Sanlu Group, say sources close to the dairy companies.
Yili, Mengniu Get Government Dairy Aid
Inner Mongolia's government is the latest to draft a rescue package for China's dairy industry in the wake of a milk scandal.
Rude Wakeup for a Power Giant's Chairman
Jinyuan, Guizhou Province's biggest power generator, is dumping an employee-stock system along with its blacklisted chief.
Scandal-Wracked Dairies Get Hebei Subsidy
Farmers in a province hard hit by China's nationwide milk scandal will receive one-time payments to cover costs.
CNPC, Iraq Revive 1996 Oil Field Contract
China's biggest oil company has signed a major service contract with the Iraqi government. But security questions remain.
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