Chinese Companies Face Antitrust Suits
Even as some Chinese firms steel themselves against antidumping investigations in the US and Europe
Private Carriers Seek Overseas Financing
Several new private airlines are preparing for financial takeoff in China's new civil aviation market
Gazrpom: Gas Deal with China to Be Finalized by First Half of 2006
----Exclusive interview with Alexander Medvedev, deputy Chairman of Gazprom
High-Voltage Grids May Revive Power Monopoly
The supercharged debate over the construction of high-voltage grids has become the hottest issue in the Chinese power industry
Trial of former banker reveals banking loopholes
He used to be a millionaire banker running private companies with public funds. Now he is standing trial in court
New Airline Route Policy
July 30, a long-awaited document called "Regulation of Domestic Investment in Civil Aviation (Test)," was finally published
Once-Prosperous Nintaus Plunged Into Crisis
Seven years after its founding, the Nintaus group is suffering from a period of infighting among its founders.
The Legend Holdings Empire Expands
June at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was called "China Month"
Major Personnel Shifts in China
In the latest attempt to boost flagging performance industry-wide, Chinese insurance regulators have undertaken a sweeping personnel reshuffle.
Maverick Media Mogul Allegedly Arrested on Bribery Allegations
Qin Hui, 37, controls a media empire, but is best known for his fashionable nightclubs and extravagant lifestyle.
PriceSmart China 's Roller Coaster Ride
Liu Wuyi was a small fish when he registered PriceMart Membership Superstore Enterprise Group in Beijing in 1996.
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