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Coca-Cola spokesman Ben Sheidler noted the caramel color in all of our ingredients" has been, is and always will be safe".

The chamber has deflected reports that it may approach the government to contest the new restriction or take countermeasures on government automobile purchasing, but remains "disappointed"

Any local "fine tuning" attempt against the central government's intention to curb its bubbling housing prices has been and will be "halted",

China's property bubble will burst "sooner or later" and that prices could fall by as much as 50 percent, says Mao Yushi

Sina warned the requirement to verify users' identities may hurt its robust activity

A survey showed that nearly 80 percent of Chinese fund managers would not participate in the inquiry of possible initial public offering of a Chinese bear bile company

Delegations of 32 countries plan to “coordinate action” and discuss “a basket of countermeasures” against the EU ETS plan

Shares of e-commerce firm Alibaba.com jumped 43 percent early Wednesday after its parent company announced a plan to take the listed unit private

China Telecom Corp said it will begin selling iPhone 4S in the Chinese mainland from March

Proview has made misleading statements that could damage the Apple’s business in China, the U.S. tech giant said in a letter, warning of a legal lawsuit against Proview.

China will increase the number of foreign films allowed into China each year by 14 under a revenue-sharing agreement, at least for so-called enhanced films that are shown in IMAX or 3-D

China has planned to open a compulsory insurance business for motor vehicles to foreign insurers

An official in a city in northern China says a batch of iPads were seized by local authorities last weekend, due to a trademark dispute with a Chinese company.

The new-energy vehicles may contribute 10 percent of BYD's revenue

Qihoo 360 said Tuesday its applications should be back on Aapple Inc’s mobile applications store within 48- 72 hours, after the removal of its apps triggered a sharp decline in the company’s stock price on Monday

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