Valin Raises Stake in Fortescue to 17.4%
Valin will acquire an extra 35 million shares in Australian miner Fortescue, raising its stake to 17.4 percent.
Baibuting to Merge Shipbuilding Assets
The Chairman of Baibuting announced plans for a merger and called on the government to help China's shipbuilders find financing.
Coke to Invest US$2 Bln in China over 3 Years
Coca-Cola Co. plans to invest US$ 2 billion in China over the next three years in an effort to further explore the market.
Cloudy Forecast for China's Solar Pacesetter
Falling demand tied to the global economic slump is pressuring China's leading solar power supplier and its charmed chief.
Portion of Sanlu's Assets Dropped from Auction
Sanyuan Group bought all but two of Sanlu's assets. The remaining assets may be auctioned later.
China Airlines, Airports Profitable in January
The overall industry profit signals a possible turnaround from a 2008 loss of 28.2 billion yuan.
How China's Resource Reach Spread Abroad
Overseas resource deals used to be controversial, or failures, for China. Chinalco's latest bid for Rio Tinto may change all that.
Unicom Has Inside Track On iPhone
The company is evaluating a wide range of 3G handset providers, including the iPhone and even the Gphone, said its Chairman.
PetroChina Halts Refining Investment, Sees Foreign Opportunities
PetroChina will concentrate its resources in 2009 on oil and gas exploration, technical upgrades and the development of overseas operations.
CIC Targets Mining Assets As Commodity Prices Drop
In the long term, such investments will be valuable, said the deputy general manager of the sovereign wealth fund.
Australia's Fortescue Confident Regulator Will Approve Hunan Valin Investment
The transaction is expected to be completed by late March.
Dairy's Pride Sours in Additive Controversy
Once touted as a health boost, a milk additive called OMP is now the focus of debates over food safety and China's largest dairy.
Chinese Manufactures on the Brink of Failure
China needs to foster domestic demand in order to save failing Chinese manufacturers.
In China, Speculators Need Not Pay to Play
Several Chinese state-owned companies lost huge sums through speculative financial trading, but only Chen Jiulin went to jail.
Waiting Game for Chinalco's Rio Tinto Deal
Chinalco's plan to boost its investment in Australian miner Rio Tinto is getting supporters, skeptics and lengthy scrutiny.
Compensation Plan Announced for Tainted Milk Victims
Sanlu and other milk producers will pay 1.1 billion yuan to victims of the tainted milk disaster.
Bumpy Ride Ends for the Luo-Fu Railway
Fraud that infected the privatization of central China's Luo-Fu rail system has ended with nationalization and a magnate's conviction.
Overseas Acquisitions: A Chorus Without a Conductor
February brought a spate of investment into foreign mining companies. Some say the government should control the stampede – but it's not clear it can.
China to Encourage Auto Mergers
The government wants to reduce the number of major domestic automakers to help the industry get through the economic slowdown.
India Poses Challenge to Chinese Motorcycle Producer
China's motorcycle exporters are facing mounting challenges from declining market sales and growing competition from India.
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