China Sets Benchmark On-grid Wind Power Price
The benchmark rate will establish consistent pricing, foster clear expectations and facilitate investment in the wind power sector, official said.
Blog: Get Ready for Soaring House Prices
Money supply functions as the most important variable when it comes to the medium- or long-term, as Freedman has told us.
Iron Ore Talks May Conclude in 10 Days – CISA
The extent of the price cuts for the current fiscal year remains a matter of dispute for Chinese steelmakers.
Beijing Auto Withdraws Opel Bid
Beijing Auto was the high bidder in the Opel auction with an offer of 660 million euros.
Rio Tinto and China's 'State Secret' Debate
The blurry line between commercial and state secrets was getting a closer look even before Rio Tinto workers were detained.
China to Encourage Foreign, Private Investment in Cultural Industry
The State Council said that multimedia broadcasting, digital media, web and mobile TV service should be "actively promoted."
China Mobile June New-User Market Share Falls
Analyst said the decline was partly due to China Telecom's impressive performance in the 3G market.
Something Better than Revocations of Import Permits
Permits can be stripped from iron ore importers caught speculating. An expert says it's a regulatory tactic that serves no one.
BAIC Seeks to Buy Fujian Motor's Stake in Daimler JV
The bid for the joint venture stake underscores Beijing Auto's ambition to expand in the market.
Gome "Can't Explain" Share Price Surge
A senior Gome manager said that the company did not know why its stock price rose so dramatically and that it did not have any pending announcements.
Shanghai Electric Expands Nuclear Equipment Facility
The new facility will take in 1 billion yuan in investment, expanding annual output of nuclear power generating units to about 4-6 sets in 2012 from the current 2.5 sets.
Liaoning Xiyang to Invest in Russian Iron Ore Mine
Chairman said the company's overseas expansion was compelled by Beijing's moves to curb private investment in the steel industry.
Chinese Companies Pursuing Innovative Strategies in Foreign M&A Deals
A bank manager said that Chinese companies have increasingly adopted innovative strategies in overseas M&A deals but the strategies could be risky.
China Merchants JV Bids for Colombo Container Port
Analyst expressed surprise about the bid, since CMH has operated mainly in China and slowed investment this year.
CNPC, Costa Rica's RECOPE to Set Refinery JV
The refinery will increase Costa Rica's refining capacity to 60,000 barrels per day from 18,000.
Blog: A Meditation on Gas Prices
Sooner or later, the public themselves need to choose which path of development to take.
NDRC Reviews Tengzhong's Hummer Deal
NDRC had raised concerns over Tengzhong's plans for financing the deal and the environmental effect of the vehicle and its production.
CNPC Ships Oil via New Kazakhstan-China Pipeline
The pipeline's annual capacity is 10 million tons, which will be doubled in the future, according to CNPC.
Banks Told to End Discounts on Second-Home Mortgage Rates
The tightening of the terms attached to second-home mortgages signals a return to the government's traditional focus of favoring first-time homebuyers.
Fortescue Q2 Iron Ore Exports to China Up 30%
Fortescue expects to produce 350 million tons of iron ore in 2010, most of it for export to China.
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