Issue 243
Issue 243
Issue 243
Issue 243
Issue 16 of 2009 Total issue 243
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Cover Story
Real Estate Comeback: Tenacious or Tenuous?
China's property market has bounced back nicely thanks to easy credit and government policy. But it looks like a bubble.
Upscale Flats and 'Weathervane' Shanghai
A sizzling market for luxury apartments in Shanghai is luring domestic investors seeking a safe haven in uncertain times.
Under the Veneer of a 'Prime' Land Market
Record-high land auction bids do not signal a revived market but rather a loose credit policy and anxious government officials.
Peaks, Valley for Shenzhen Property Market
Real estate investors and developers have been riding a dramatic roller coaster in Shenzhen. Will the latest upswing last?
For Reform's Sake, Give Workers a Voice
A violent protest at a steel mill points a finger not at a privatization process but at the need for better worker-management dialogue.
'Jobless' Recovery Invalidates Okun's Law
Recession-related U.S. GDP and unemployment rates were somewhat predictable before the latest downturn changed the game.
Major Stories
Trial Probes Depth of BOCOM Loan Scam
While police hunt for a key suspect, a Guangzhou court is sorting out a scheme that may have cost the bank 9 billion yuan.
One Man's Struggle for Black Lung Justice
A brick maker spent nearly two years successfully pursuing the occupational disease compensation he – and others -- deserved.
Adjusting for the Future
A marked change in macro economic policy in the third quarter is unlikely, but it might occur in the four quarter or early 2010.
Heavy Metal Warfare
Can a vague system, limited budget and immature technology salvage Hunan from extreme heavy metal pollution?
Hard Jolt for ESOPs in Power Sector Reform
Wrangling over employee-owned shareholding at China's power companies is ending as sector reform enters a new phase.
All Systems Go for China's Blastoff to Mars
The planned October launch of China's first Martian probe is part of an international project and a springboard for solo expeditions.
Reform in the Air for Chinese Broadcasters
TV and radio broadcasters are preparing to buy privately produced entertainment as state control undergoes a gradual change.
Securities Firms Dusting Off IPO Dreams
Securities firms preparing IPOs after a seven-year wait are confronting old questions about putting new capital to work.
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