Issue 243
Issue 243
Issue 243
Issue 243
Issue 18 of 2009 Total issue 245
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Cover Story
Life Support for Organ Transplants in China
Health officials are building an ethical, transparent organ donation system to balance the needs of donors and patients.
Digging Out of a Sino-Aussie Resource Trap
Australia should acknowledge China's reasonable concerns over the iron ore trade, and China should accept market forces.
New Bubble Threatens a V-Shaped Rebound
A growing liquidity bubble that ignores structural facts is the basis for today's happy talk about a comeback for the global economy.
Major Stories
Fortescue Finds a 'China Price' for Iron Ore
But challenges remain for the relatively small Australian miner and Chinese steelmakers who need more iron ore than ever.
Is China's Export Engine Slowly Restarting?
Official figures point to an export rebound, but coastal manufacturers from Shandong to Guangdong tell a different story.
Monetary Policy Steers an A-Share Ride
Policy decisions and a lending spree lifted Chinese stocks to unwarranted heights before the 'capital feast' suddenly ended.
More Tweaking for China's Brokerage Firms
A fourth round of securities industry reform is forcing some of the nation's 107 brokers to merge while locking out foreign investors.
Hot Money Back on China's Front Burner
Yet hot money's shadowy nature makes it statistically difficult to document, raising questions about the phenomenon's seriousness.
Post-Lending Boom Blues for China's Banks
Banks that issued a combined 7 trillion yuan in loans during the first half are now confronting earnings issues – and the future.
Reform Steps May Snap Coal-Power Impasse
Reshaping a power distribution and coal transport system that leans on government planning may offer a 'permanent cure.'
Diversifying Medical Care Suppliers in China
China's reforms must not only devote a large sum of money to bring health coverage to uninsured people, but also work on enlarging medical service capacity.
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