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Cover Story
Currency Reform Redux
The RMB exchange rate is once again becoming a point of heated discussion between China and the US.
Special Reports
When will One become More?
The Politburo promised that "in 30 years, the population policy will be adjusted." The promised time is now. Meanwhile, China's current population situation is facing new problems.
Less Bang for America's Stimulus Buck
The aftermath involves resetting asset values, deleveraging, and rehabilitating balance sheets – resulting in today's higher saving rate, significant shortfall in domestic demand, and sharp uptick in unemployment.
Major Stories
Climate Anomalies
Southwest of China has been sustaining severe drought since last autumn, affecting over 60 million people across five provinces with signs of worsening and spreading.
Railway Judicial Overhaul
After half a century in use, the railway judicial system is making efforts in gradually removing its enterprise-backed nature.
A Rio of Troubles
As results for the Rio Tinto espionage/bribery case are revealed and the Australian press is on its way out, on the Chinese end, issues in negotiations between state-owned steel plants and involved parties have been exposed.
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