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Cover Story
Revealing China's SOB System Reform
China's banks should take further steps to clarify their relationships with the government and to rationalize their management structure in order to improve their competitiveness.
Special Reports
Rebirth of Hedge Fund
It is widely received as a signal that the financial surveillance authority try to prevent hedge fund from becoming the next "too big to fail" financial organization.
The Retreat of Macroeconomic Policy
The monetarist-Keynesian post-WWII near-consensus, which played a huge part in making the 60 years from 1945-2005 the most successful period, may unravel nonetheless.
Major Stories
Interrogating Property Rights of Grey Properties
The anti-underworld storm shows property rights of grey properties leaves much to be discussed.
NPC: Tackling the Deficit in Individual Endowment Insurance Accounts
China's governments at all levels embezzled 1.67 trillion yuan from individual accounts in the past ten years.
China Resumes Stable Currency Policy
China's banks have already extended about 6.9 trillion yuan of new loans in the first ten months this year, posing heavy pressure on China's CPI.
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