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Adjustment to One-child Policy Expected

China's total fertility rate is far below the intergenerational replacement level, fertility desire has shown a continued downturn, the absolute quantity of labor fell for the first time, and the population is aging faster expected. This has led to an increased financial burden on the young workforce who must support their elderly kin and caused one million families that have lost their only child to suffer even more serious spiritual and supporting plight.

The various contradictions show that adjusting birth policy is a major reform area that involves relatively few special interests and has a large amount of beneficiaries.

Issue 349
By staff reporter You Xi
Near-field mobile payment will expand the room for application and convenience of mobile payments, though the development of the industry will not be without its hurdles.
By staff reporters Zhu Yue, Shi Zhiliang, Li Yi and Yang Yue
The PV industry in China is by and large a product of deformed government and business relations.
By staff reporter Liu Qilin
Tencent is anxious to develop new products through internal competition to strengthen its role as a virtual operator offering broad Internet value-added services.
By staff reporter Kang Yi
The polarization of the domestic film market has intensified and rampant piracy continues to cut into profits, making it so few movies are actually profitable.

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