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ICBC Streamlines to Win

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the country’s largest commercial bank, is expected to launch a new round of organizational restructuring after the Spring Festival, which is a first since the bank’s reform of non-tradable shares that enabled its initial public offering (IPO) in 2006.

Under the new reform plan, ICBC headquarters (HQ) that currently consists of some 47 departments and administrative centers will be streamlined into four divisions, namely marketing, risk management, comprehensive management, and support, encompassing 26 first-tier departments, five second-tier ones, and three department administrative centers. Moreover, the number of profit centers will increase from nine to 11.

Issue 383
By staff reporter Xie Lirong
Virtual carriers may rise to challenge traditional carriers, or they may help traditional operators compete with OTT service providers.
By staff reporter Yu Yan
Strict proportional regulation has limited the flexibility of insurance companies' investments and caused them to miss out on numerous investment opportunities for new investment products.
By staff reporter Zhang Lu
The protection of securities investors is not only the responsibility of the CSRC, but also involves the judiciary and legislative branches from a legal perspective.
By staff reporter Ling Xin
This loose yet vast hukou trafficking network consists of buyers, hukou agents, corrupt police officers, and staff members at local family planning authorities and neighborhood or village committees.

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