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Hengyang Bribery Not an Isolated Phenomenon

Every election season, representatives with voting power would sit in hotels waiting for bribes. Hengyang Municipal People's Congress staff would also divulge information about the bribe amounts offered by each candidate, suggesting that they offer more. "They will tell you, this person gave 2 million yuan, this person gave 3 million yuan, and if you want to be elected, you have to give more." People's congress staff have even turned giving and receiving red envelopes into a "professional operation"; there are people specially charged with receiving money and others responsible for making contact.

"Indirect elections have made it so local people's congress delegates are elected primarily by officials rather than voters, which creates an environment for bribery," said Huang Yubiao, a former deputy of the Shaoyang Municipal People's Congress who once bribed in his campaign for the position of provincial people's congress delegate. To choose the right representatives, election transparency should be encouraged so that those who are elected represent the popular will, argued Huang.

Issue 385
By staff reporters You Xi, Dong Yuxiao, and Wang Peicheng
It is a great test for the Chinese economy to defuse early-stage risks and optimize resource allocation without bursting bubbles.
By staff reporter Li Yi
Research and business communities in China, South Korea and Japan have reached a consensus on the need for an economic coalition, but resolving political differences remains a nagging problem.
By Chen Qingtai, former Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council
The topic of this round of SOE reform is not how government agencies can "improve the management of SOEs," but rather about the shift from "managing SOEs" to "managing state-owned assets”.
By staff reporter Zhang Zhouyi and intern reporter Zhang Yuxin
Despite the legal dilemma, BSHs, which are celebrated as an effective way to safeguard abandoned infants' right to live, gained official support and have expanded rapidly over the past year.

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