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Who Are Liu Han’s “Friends?”

Liu Han, chairman of Sichuan’s largest private enterprise Hanlong Group, was arrested four months after Li Chuncheng, former deputy Party chief in Sichuan Province, was subject to shuanggui (a procedure in which a Party member is detained by the discipline inspection commission and asked to confess to wrongdoing at a stipulated time and place) in early Dec. 2012.

Liu stood trial on multiple charges including “organizing, leading, or participating in gangs” at the Intermediate People’s Court of Xianning City on March 31, 2014.

Issue 389
By staff reporter Wang Xiaolu
CITIC Group’s leadership hopes the IPO will help bring down the state’s holding in the group and enable the hiring of executives from the market.
By staff reporter Gao Shengke
Residents living inside the protection zone have not relocated and the two projects failed to pass environmental inspection, yet both projects have still been able to start operating.
By staff reporter Hu Wen
Capital raised on the secondary market will be far from enough to ease developer’s financial strains. Where will the real estate sector, already the pillar of China’s economy, find its driving forces going forward?
By staff reporter Yin Yue
Fraudulent expropriation procedures abound, and violence has often accompanied the process of land collection. The Pingdu case can be looked at as an unfortunate sample of Chinese-style land acquisition.

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