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China Restarts Telecom Industry Reform

China's telecom industry has undergone a total of four large-scale restructurings since 1999.

During this time, the industry has evolved from an administrative monopoly to the current oligopoly market structure dominated by the “Big Three,” i.e., China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Competition, which sprang up out of nowhere, can be intense in some parts of the industry. But compared with foreign markets in an open environment, competition in the Chinese telecom sector is still far from inadequate, and numerous vested interest groups remain deeply entrenched.

Since last year, decision makers have issued mobile virtual network operator licenses, relaxed restrictions on private investment in broadband access networks, and announced the establishment of a national tower company.

Issue 395
By staff reporter Wang Peicheng
Regulatory fragmentation in the domestic bond market is posing new challenges to the management of local government debt.
By intern reporters Zhang Yuxue and Li Enshu
Systemic review of police abuse of power cases has not been carried out, as no final verdict has been rendered on the Anti-Mafia Campaign.
By staff reporter Zhang Lu
The corruption investigation of a number of Yuncheng officials came to a halt after Xue Guojun’s suspicious death and the intervention from a provincial-level authority.
By intern reporter He Shulong
The anonymous social networking sector, which has attracted startups, mid-sized companies as well as Internet giants, will probably generate a company the size of WeChat or momo.

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