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New regulations issued by CBRC will cut banks' capital by 10%.The requirements will be implemented over a 10-year transition period so as to reduce the impact on banks.A fresh round of financial innovation will begin

Splitting up a city is a move rarely seen since China’s founding over 60 years ago

some think that the crackdown on schools for children of migrant workers is really about population control, maintaining stability and clearing land for urban construction

The government’s practice -- embracing marketization when there is no chance to cash in while executing administrative control when there is profit to gain -- has hindered the reform of China’s coal industry

Efforts to force banks into the rural market will end up in failure if the banks conduct rural financial business the same way they run municipal banks.

Several strict measures taken by Shenzhen authorities in the lead up to the Summer Universiade have been widely criticized, including deporting 80,000 “high-risk individuals,” prohibiting migrant workers from claim

No matter how the debate over technology turns out, nuclear projects in China will face re-evaluation, affecting the long-term layout of the country’s nuclear power industry.

Past high-pressure policies aimed at maintaining stability have exacerbated the public's sense of insecurity, constrained normal economic development and social living space

As global imbalances persist, GDP surplus countries have to keep lending to the world’s biggest debtor, and pay the bills for the economic crisis in the meantime.

Despite the recent debate, most experts agree that it is important to realize the large-scale integration of dairy farms.

As for the ruling, Lai’s lawyer David Matas told Caijing that political factors have affected Lai’s case.

The China Red Cross Foundation has described its Yaoyang Senior Apartment real estate project as a “new social pension model.” But the model has been widely criticized for operating in a gray area between public welfare and commercial profit.

The latest sale marks Temasek’s largest sell down after the disclosure of local government financing vehicles’ defaults and the National Audit Office’s (NAO) estimate of local government debt fuels concerns over domestic banks' bad loans.

By preventing spoiling, “grain banks” can play a big role in increasing the amount of grain available, especially in China where farmland is decreasing day by day.

Publicly-listed CNOOC is under the spotlight amidst allegations that it may have violated principles of information disclosure.

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