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Recently, domestic enterprises have been looking for M&A targets overseas out of the desire to gain access to advanced technologies and expand into the international market.

There are signals that despite years of brewing, the "most prudent adjustment" to China's family planning policy is still on hold and lacks a clear timetable.

The lack of supervision led to the entanglement of bank funds and private loans, and resulted in a regional crisis. The solution is to break the bottleneck of reform and establish a sound market system.

As the first domestic securities firm to list outside of the Chinese mainland, Citic must adapt quickly to deal with the poor market environment.

Similar to the various food safety scandals in recent years, efforts to eradicate waste oil from restaurant tables have been inundated by problems of poor supervision and testing standard deficiencies.

Some SMEs in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces have shut down or are on the verge of closing while many have turned to and profited from speculative industries.

Both the world’s growth center and its economic gravity center are shifting towards the emerging world, which poses new challenges for developed and emerging economies alike.

China's efforts to promote healthcare reform, while seemingly clear cut, are often obscured during the course of concrete implementation.

As a fund manager for public equity funds in China, Li's rat trading activities are unprecedented in many ways. Despite the new laws enacted, the fund industry is still difficult to regulate.

The enrollment process for students entering middle school in Beijing is a magic mirror which reflects problems in the city's education system, defects in institutional arrangements and a distorted social mentality.

Highways as a whole are under substantial debt pressure, and there are even signals that a few local projects may be on the verge of running out of funds.

Under the current regulatory framework, malpractices are bound to occur if Sinograin does not draw a clear line between policy-driven activities and commercial operations.

China's central bank still tends to keep credit lines at relatively low levels; however, through the mechanism of targeted loosening, the total size of bank loans may exceed the level the central bank wishes for.

Taiwan's recent HIV-positive organ transplant incident highlights major deficiencies in its organ transplant system. As organ transplant surgeries in mainland China increase, Chinese hospitals should take this accid

No magic wand exists that can make debt problems accumulated over 10 years disappear overnight. The prescription for the debt crisis in Europe already points to the fate of the euro.

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