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Industry experts think the new spot trading platform could lead to the collapse of the Platts pricing system.

Administrative order replaced bidding, and 12306.cn became a natural monopoly as a result.

“Almost all major websites suffered large-scale data leaks.” Few in the industry pay attention to code security. The privacy of countless netizens was invaded as a result of the leaks.

The key to successfully implementing the tax-deferred pension insurance program is to determine the maximum amount of individual contribution qualified for tax deferral.

The drug will likely become the first choice for many countries and regions to control the spread of the hepatitis E virus.

Cross-border ETF products give Chinese mainland investors access to overseas securities markets, thus serving as a strategic investment tool for domestic investors to further diversify their portfolios.

China has made immense progress during its 30 years of reform and opening-up,but the nation is also confronted with a number of severe problems.

the interest barriers between various ministries and commissions can be resolved once there is a consensus between authorities.

The boundary between government and commercial space launch activities has become increasingly blurred, leading to increased calls for social capital to share aerospace risk responsibility.

The contribution rate of science and technology to agricultural output growth is only 50 percent in China, compared to 80 percent in the United States.

The biggest obstacle confronting the pension fund’s injection into the capital market is that the fund is currently scattered in numerous accounts and held by over 2,000 organizations.

With the US, and now Europe, facing long roads to recovery, Asia’s emerging economies can no longer afford to count on solid growth in external demand from the advanced countries to sustain economic development.

Air pollution control is a complex task which requires strong financial support and the cooperation of surrounding regions, as it is increasingly becoming a regional issue.

Sinograin has weak supervision over its branches and subsidiary warehouses, and its storage outsourcing system has yet to be optimized.

Even though spending surges do not necessarily signify wasteful spending, the likelihood of wasteful spending towards the year’s end is much higher.

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