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The upgrade of the processing trade, which remains an important way for China to participate in international trade, will improve China’s export mix and hence drive forward the country’s industrial upgrading.

Behind the fate of special medical services, the real focus is on the meaning of “public welfare” instate-run hospital.

Seeking a listing in Hong Kong is less about raising capital and more about CITIC changing its equity structure and governance practices, and finding a way for large SOEs to release reform dividends.

“S&T intermediaries” charge 30 percent of the S&T subsidies enterprises apply as “consulting fees” and turn over 10 percent of the subsidies to officials who help enterprises get government funding.

Lu’s successor will continue to face the challenge of how to survive in the crevices of the power industry planned economy, market competition, and the state-owned enterprises’ assessment mechanism.

Regulatory fragmentation in the domestic bond market is posing new challenges to the management of local government debt.

The corruption investigation of a number of Yuncheng officials came to a halt after Xue Guojun’s suspicious death and the intervention from a provincial-level authority.

Systemic review of police abuse of power cases has not been carried out, as no final verdict has been rendered on the Anti-Mafia Campaign.

The anonymous social networking sector, which has attracted startups, mid-sized companies as well as Internet giants, will probably generate a company the size of WeChat or momo.

The so-called "network service separation" is actually still dominated by the three operators, and the role of the three operators as both player and referee has not been fundamentally changed.

As the only company with two mainstream instant messaging (IM) apps, Tencent, which encourages self-subversion and internal competition, wants the market to pick the winner.

After changing developers several times since 1994, an equity dispute has left the Guoson shopping center project in limbo, making it Beijing's most famous unfinished property.

The effects of China’s two-dose measles vaccination strategy implemented since 1985 have been lackluster, highlighting vulnerabilities in the nation’s epidemic prevention and control system.

Questions remain as to whether administrative barriers can be overcome, given that the integration will affect the interests of the three regions and three airports, as well as various airlines.

Entering the capital market will force nuclear power companies to become more transparent and open, as well as adapt to the complex capital market and the modern enterprise system.

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