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The end goal of the development of the municipal bond market and promotion of the PPP model is to build a long-term funding supply mechanism for urbanization.

The plan for “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Free Trade Zone”, if approved, will raise its competitiveness by developing a “Greater Pearl River Delta Financial Center.”

The Lanzhou benzene incident highlights a major problem with water supply in many Chinese cities: chemical pipelines often run near water pipelines, posing severe risks of future water contamination.

The government’s monopoly of medical resources, which it has achieved through favorable policies to public hospitals, is the fundamental problem facing medical reform.

Capital raised on the secondary market will be far from enough to ease developer’s financial strains. Where will the real estate sector, already the pillar of China’s economy, find its driving forces going forward?

Fraudulent expropriation procedures abound, and violence has often accompanied the process of land collection. The Pingdu case can be looked at as an unfortunate sample of Chinese-style land acquisition.

Residents living inside the protection zone have not relocated and the two projects failed to pass environmental inspection, yet both projects have still been able to start operating.

CITIC Group’s leadership hopes the IPO will help bring down the state’s holding in the group and enable the hiring of executives from the market.

MH370 is believed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, but the reasons why the flight deviated so far remain a mystery.

Emerging economies today are more fragile and volatile than in the recent past. Structural reforms imply the need to pay short-term costs for longer-term benefits.

Backed by the country’s strong appetite for gold, the international board where gold is denominated in offshore RMB is expected to boost China’s say in the pricing of the precious metal.

The annual assessment system not only restricts the market conduct of lawyers, it also hinders the realization of legal profession political functions.

Crimea's return seems to have allowed the glory of the Russian empire to shine again, but in the long term it may only serve to push its neighbors farther away.

Pollution charges are so low that breaking the environmental protection law seems like a more “economical” option for enterprises. In the end, society as a whole is left to bear the consequences of the pollution.

Domestic and foreign investors who are eager to enter the industry are more concerned about the specific details and operability of the ownership reform measures.

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