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Chen Shuibian's reputation for battling corruption is in tatters now that prosecutors say the island's former leader was a thief.

Is urban development, including China's highest building now under construction, hastening Shanghai's slide into the sea?

Financial troubles and shareholder disputes are rocking the nation's private airline sector at a tough time for the entire industry.

A Guizhou power generator's takeover was the latest blow to employee stock plans among China's regional power firms.

In step with the government's 'one control, one holding' policy, a financial bailout agency is revamping its securities firms.

The Chinese government may have lost several hundred millions of dollars during the financial crisis when private equity investments vanished.

Relaxed rules for credit and mortgages could brighten a gloomy real estate market. But banks are treading carefully.

After an 11-year hiatus, commercial banks have been given a green light to resume bond trading on Chinese stock markets.

China's state reserve agency will buy aluminum in order to alleviate oversupply.

Chile has benefited from high copper prices, but its export-driven growth model is outdated. Can the Chilean government help the economy survive?

As first Asian economy, Singapore fell into deep recession. However, its authorities display full confidence in 'natural healing' of the economy, avoiding additional measures.

The government's plan for encouraging loans to stimulate the economy is facing resistance from the banking sector.

The specter of deflation returns as Japan heads into recession, but this time the policymakers are ready.

As major economies totter in the financial crisis, emerging market countries are trying to shake off the dust.

Their economies' new openness set them up for a fall, but the stars of the former Soviet bloc will rise again.

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