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A government effort to ease the yuan into cross-border trading is moving forward, although finding the best route has been tricky.

Hours before a mandated deadline for Internet filtering software in all new computers, the government pressed a pause button.

Thousands of armed police had to disperse crowds in a Hubei Province city after a young man's death stirred grief -- and rage.

A deal for a key stake in Shenzhen Development Bank was a money-maker for the seller and a feather in Ping An's cap.

Three Ping An executives describe the strategic context and consequences of the Shenzhen Development Bank buyout.

The detention of Xu Zongheng may be linked to corruption probe, ending the career of an official who managed Shenzhen's boom.

A plan to combine state-owned China Eastern Airlines and city-held Shanghai Airlines is finally getting off the ground.

An economic warming trend encouraged by government and private investment will need help from China's consumers.

Witnesses rarely appear in person to testify at Chinese criminal trials. Some experts say the practice hurts the legal process.

Freshly minted cash can be likened to water or honey, as the world's monetary policy experimenters are now discovering.

A government mandate for Internet filtering lacked legitimacy because it failed to balance state authority and public rights.

Some mysteries about a Chengdu company's offer to buy GM's Hummer vehicle have been answered. But questions remain.

As neo-liberalism crumbles in the financial crisis, governments are waking up to the value of old-fashioned industrial policy.

Putting an investment banker from Beijing in charge fits a Hong Kong stock exchange strategy for navigating the future.

New shares and a private equity bond deal could revive appliance retailer Gome, although its jailed founder still wields clout.

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