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Banks that issued a combined 7 trillion yuan in loans during the first half are now confronting earnings issues – and the future.

Yet hot money's shadowy nature makes it statistically difficult to document, raising questions about the phenomenon's seriousness.

Price increase for public utilities is a realignment of government, supplier and consumer interests.

Consumer prices are falling, giving utilities a golden opportunity to raise rates, spurring controversy as to who should benefit from utility pricing reform.

A fourth round of securities industry reform is forcing some of the nation's 107 brokers to merge while locking out foreign investors.

Policy decisions and a lending spree lifted Chinese stocks to unwarranted heights before the 'capital feast' suddenly ended.

Official figures point to an export rebound, but coastal manufacturers from Shandong to Guangdong tell a different story.

But challenges remain for the relatively small Australian miner and Chinese steelmakers who need more iron ore than ever.

After a five year fiasco, one of the biggest examples of macroeconomic control in recent Chinese history is finally coming to a close.

Experts reveal a new and thus far ignored culprit in China's struggle against air pollution.

Still, Guangzhou developer blames investment banks for 2008 loss.

It was silly months ago to compare the global downturn to the 1930s depression. The recession has already turned the corner.

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