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A debate over a proposed macroprudential approach to financial regulation is focusing China's central bank and three sector supervisors.

A businessman allegedly used bank credit, offshore companies and copper imports in a bogus financing scheme that soaked traders.

Incremental Reform, 1979-'93. State and private sectors coexisted.

Decentralizing the Command Economy, 1958-'78. Multiple transfers of administrative power brought disorder and ended in a return to centralized power.

Dual IPOs that raised US$ 5.3 billion for Metallurgical Corp. of China could portend a big change for Chinese stock debuts.

China has paid a high price for economic transformation since 1949. It's reaping dividends, but the reform process must continue.

The fight against government corruption has a new tool in the form of stronger party support for asset disclosure. Let's not stop now.

Despite market chatter and China's rise, necessary preconditions for an asset bubble in the emerging world haven't surfaced yet.

The financial crisis taught crucial lessons about the dangers of bubbles, loose regulation and debt. It's a pity we didn't learn.

Government funds budgeted for Guangxi farm and water projects were used to decorate Sun Yu's villa. Now he's going to jail.

China's state-run grain storage firm Sinograin is rapidly expanding into logistics, processing and sales. Will private rivals survive?

Beijing doctors who studied the deaths of paint shop employees have joined an international debate over nanoparticle safety.

Power plants that popped up across China without government permission in recent years expect to be fined, then approved.

China's reforms must not only devote a large sum of money to bring health coverage to uninsured people, but also work on enlarging medical service capacity.

Things got quiet for two months after a surge in bank loans sparked a stock market frenzy in the first half 2009. Now the players are back.

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