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Prosecutors claim a private transportation empire was a ‘triad-like’ operation built on bribery and violence. But its wealthy owner says he merely followed ‘norms.’

What's now a chaotic natural gas pricing system is getting a makeover as imports arrive -- and consumers foot the bill.

Rapid, government-subsidized expansion of China's wind power industry has led to excess capacity and investment waste.

The lesson from the ChiNext launch is as old as China's stock market: Too much regulatory protection leads to speculation.

Loan-writing by China's largest banks slowed after several frantic months, but small banks and financial firms have joined the race.

One of China's major distressed asset managers, Cinda, appears to be ready for reform. But questions – and bad debt – linger.

In the run-up to Copenhagen, the United States and China have set the right tone for cooperation. Will concrete action follow?

Misunderstood signals for investing in the Kurdish region of Iraq may have jeopardized Sinopec's chances for future contracts.

Since a quick stimulus exit and credit clampdown appear unlikely, China's policymakers should consider backing off gradually.

Government planners are trying to set a benchmark price for solar power, but the industry is resisting. Will market forces prevail?

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