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The Politburo's newest judicial reforms highlight progress and obstacles in the movement to establish an impartial legal system.

Four cases of avian influenza have been confirmed in China since the start of 2009, already one more than the total for 2008.

On top of post-Kyoto emissions targets, a UN conference to be held at the end of the year will decide, or fail to decide, how the global community responds to climate change.

2008 saw an industry myriad small companies began consolidating into several giants. But the outcome of the reshuffle is still unclear.

Efforts by provincial and central agencies to build reserves may help China's metals sector. But some call the policy short-sighted.

Now that 3G licenses have been awarded to three telecoms, China faces tough questions about the technology's future.

Bank regulators, seeking to balance development and risk control in tough times, have set new goals for commercial lenders.

The days may be numbered for disputes over who owns the power grids built throughout rural China over the past decade.

The market will come back only when China and the U.S have completed sufficient structural reforms to create a sustainable growth cycle.

While oil prices were no doubt a factor in Russia's sudden plunge, the current situation cannot be explained with looking at the country's banking system.

A new CEO is steering the Bohai investment fund, but disputes over government involvement and management continue.

Trials for more than 20 executives, middlemen and dairy farmers exposed the ugly depth of China's melamine-tainted milk scandal.

China is widening a path for market-driven private equity funds after struggling for years with its 'industrial fund' model.

A Chinese credit guarantor's bookkeeping provoked a war with foreign investors before government mediators stepped in.

As the new owner of a copper manufacturer and an Australian iron ore mine, Shagang appears closer than ever to a stock listing.

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