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Despite the recent debate, most experts agree that it is important to realize the large-scale integration of dairy farms.

As for the ruling, Lai’s lawyer David Matas told Caijing that political factors have affected Lai’s case.

The China Red Cross Foundation has described its Yaoyang Senior Apartment real estate project as a “new social pension model.” But the model has been widely criticized for operating in a gray area between public welfare and commercial profit.

The latest sale marks Temasek’s largest sell down after the disclosure of local government financing vehicles’ defaults and the National Audit Office’s (NAO) estimate of local government debt fuels concerns over domestic banks' bad loans.

By preventing spoiling, “grain banks” can play a big role in increasing the amount of grain available, especially in China where farmland is decreasing day by day.

Publicly-listed CNOOC is under the spotlight amidst allegations that it may have violated principles of information disclosure.

On June 23, a torrential thunderstorm hit Beijing, claiming at least three lives and paralyzing parts of the city. The storm exposed problems in the city’s emergency response system such as poor coordination among various departments and responsibility gaps. The question remains as to who, if anyone, should be held accountable.

With fierce market competition and an unknown model for the mobile Internet, what path should China Mobile take to continue its growth?

Along with HSBC and Citigroup, eight domestic banks, including Postal Savings Bank of China and seven municipal commercial banks, have been given the green light to underwrite corporate bonds.

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