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The frequent school bus accidents in China can be attributed to human error in part; but they are also closely connected to the nation’s underfunded education system.

Worldwide excessive liquidity pushed the prices of commodities up. Dampened by a gloomy economic outlook, commodity prices will be under long-term pressure.

Even as China is gradually becoming a country ruled by law, the power of Chinese officials can still exert great influence in economic areas.

China is at the industry segment most vulnerable to blocking; it has gathered 40 to 60 percent of the capacity, while 90 percent of the market is overseas.

In designing mechanisms for East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, ASEAN+3 and the East Asia Summit will most likely act as catalysts in the wider regional framework.

SRI technology, championed by Yuan Longping, the “Father of Hybrid Rice,” is gradually losing momentum in China like many other conventional land cultivation techniques.

The current statistical methodology is still based on traditional goods trade; thus, it cannot accurately reflect all the procedures along the global production chain.

Deepening the financial reform will be a complex and arduous process which requires reformers to be fearlessly courageous, unyieldingly persevering and continuously innovative.

A new business model practiced by Intellectual Ventures and other companies which adopts patent licensing, transfer, and management as its core has raised concern among many Asian countries.

China's unique tobacco monopoly system has constrained tobacco control-related research. The fundamental goals current research are to increase production, improve taste and smell, and make more profits.

Local governments will not be able to enjoy full autonomy in bond issuance unless substantial progress is made in the reform of China’s administrative system.

Less than 50 people in the Chinese mainland have been convicted since money laundering was written into China's Criminal Code in 1997.

The recent death of Liu Shuxiang after a forced demolition on CFS's property highlights the company's shaky development, which for years has depended primarily on selling land.

Recently, domestic enterprises have been looking for M&A targets overseas out of the desire to gain access to advanced technologies and expand into the international market.

There are signals that despite years of brewing, the "most prudent adjustment" to China's family planning policy is still on hold and lacks a clear timetable.

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