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Readership poll points to hopes and fears for China in 2014 and beyond

It is very unusual for senior Chinese officials to have such close interaction with ordinary people. But Xi's visit shows leaders should seek an opportunity to mix with people and experience their lives.

A Japan obsessed with its militarist past is a real danger to the Asia-Pacific.

That single fact spells out in large fonts that Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme in which the first wave of players makes money and leaves the base of the pyramid to collapse.

In the Internet era, it's hard to distinguish whether online politics was spontaneous or seduced by the US.

As a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion, China can never brush aside concerns about the negative effects a population explosion would have on its economic and social development.

Certainly, if the same Nazi-like rhetoric was directed against African-American, Jewish-Americans or American Indians, ABC's executives would have acted differently.

Supporting a groundless assumption with lies is at best irresponsible, worse it might be malicious.

Compared with intense debate of Chen Yongzhou’s case, only a few of western journalists paid much attention to Jimmy Kimmel's "kill every one in China" comment.

China needs to take immediate action to ensure that the rising number of senior citizens lead a life free of violence and abuse

Shanghai free trade zone heralds new strategy of reform and opening-up and goes with global economic trends

Despite some slowdown, odds of a widespread financial crisis are low

Cui said both Xi and Obama gave very positive evaluations of the progress so far during their recent meeting in St Petersburg, Russia.

Many have interpreted Azevedo's "election" as the head of the world's top trade body as a victory for developing countries.

It doesn’t matter how good a product is, it may have unique life-saving properties, but it will achieve negligible sales unless doctors get a cut of the action.

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