India Cautious as Nepal, Pakistan Edge Closer
More regional trade, friendship with China and a proposed China-Pakistan railway may jeopardize India's influence over Nepal.
Ping An Celebrates a High-Stakes Bank Deal
A deal for a key stake in Shenzhen Development Bank was a money-maker for the seller and a feather in Ping An's cap.
Economist: Rising Stock Markets Prelude Inflation
Inflation often arrived in three steps: first rising stock prices, then soaring housing prices and finally, rising consumer prices, an economist said.
Banks Move Closer to Exchange Bond Trading
To participate in the trial program, banks will need to set up internal controls and risk management policies and meet a capital adequacy ratio standard.
Fork in the Road for China's Car Purchase Tax
A short-term reduction in the purchase tax encouraged car buying for several months. Now planners have to choose the next step.
Q&A: Pumping Up Financial Holdings at Ping An
Three Ping An executives describe the strategic context and consequences of the Shenzhen Development Bank buyout.
News PM July 3
China June Power Output Rose 3.8% Year-on-Year; PICC Life Doubles Capital; Influenza May Be Traced to Home Service Worker
Consumer Inflation Knocks at China's Door
GDP growth, excess liquidity and inflation expectations are setting the stage for consumer and asset price inflation in coming months.
GDP Growth Rates Alone Can't Buy Happiness
Emphasizing GDP growth as a national goal overlooks human factors that make Tibetans smile and most people happy.
News AM July 3
CNPC to Bid for Repsol YPF's Argentinean Unit; Zhengzhou Yutong H1 Bus Sales Down; Your-Mart to List in Shenzhen; New Director of AIT Taipei Office Appointed
China Issues Details of Direct Power Supply Trial
A final decision regarding which enterprises and power generators are involved in the trial, as well as new transmission fees, will depend on provincial authorities themselves.
China Launches Pilot Program for Yuan Trade Settlement
China's central bank designated Bank of China's Hong Kong-listed unit as the clearing bank for the pilot Yuan trade settlement program.
"One Size Fits All" Policy Fails to Fit China
The government's stimulus package is treating every region equally. That's a big mistake in a country as diverse as China.
Big Four Banks' June Loans Hit 497 Bln Yuan
The big four typically account for half of the banking sector's lending, meaning that the June total for the entire banking industry could hit the 1 trillion yuan for the first time since March.
MOC Expects Taiwan to Open More Sectors to Mainland Investment
The commerce ministry will soon organize executives in eight sectors including textiles, construction and electronic engineering to visit Taiwan in search of investment opportunities.
News PM July 2
Haiyang Nuclear Power Project Obtains 36 Bln Yuan Loan; Floods Across China Kill 95; China Interbank Bond Sales Up 51.4% Year-on-Year
Shipbuilders Expect One-Third of Capacity to Be Idle After 2011
China's total shipbuilding capacity has reached 60 million DWTs, while monthly new orders have been lower than output over the last eight months.
Shenzhen Mayor Bows Out on Bribery Probe
The detention of Xu Zongheng may be linked to corruption probe, ending the career of an official who managed Shenzhen's boom.
Chinalco Takes up Rio Tinto Rights Offer
Based on the current share price, Chinalco needs to invest more than US$1.4 billion in order to maintain its 12 percent stake in the London-listed Rio Tinto Plc stock.
News AM July 2
Chinalco Plans 10 Billion Yuan Share Placement; Poly Wins Final Approval for Share Placement; China's Foreign Debt Down; CSRC Delays Resumption of Corporate Bond Issue
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