Keen Eyes Fixed on China's Monetary Policy
As investing and bank lending skyrocket, lifting China's GDP, debates are raging over Beijing's next monetary policy step.
News PM July 28
China Increases Loans to SMEs; Banking Regulator Tightens Lending Rules; Q2 Revenue Up but Net Down; Soap Firm's Ex-Chief Gets Day in Court
Poly Buys Prime Chengdu Site for 1.2 Bln Yuan
The price is lower than some analysts' expectation but still 37.8 percent higher than the asking price.
Blog: The Importance of Energy Audit
Compared to energy conservation and emissions reductions, right now the government is not paying enough attention to energy audits.
News AM July 28
China and US to Keep up Economic Stimulus; Shipbuilding Firm IPO Plan Approved; Bright Food to Boost Bright Dairy Stake
China OKs Everbright Shanghai IPO
The Everbright IPO is likely to be popular with investors, given pent-up demand after the nine-month moratorium on listings and Chinese banks' recent record lending, much of which is thought to have flowed into the stock and property markets.
Property Correction Ends Prematurely As Investment Accelerates
The reliance of China's economy on property investment makes it hard to decouple the two unless the Chinese government decides it can bear greater economic turbulence.
Suning Gets Tokyo's Nod to Buy Laox Stake
Suning will buy a 27.36-percent stake in Laox for 800 million yen, becoming its largest shareholder.
News PM July 27
Baidu Q2 Profit Rises 45% on Robust Ad Sales; China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue Held; Sichuan Expressway Surges on Shanghai Trading Debut
Achieving 8% GDP Growth on Investment Alone?
A professor doubts the legitimacy of securing 8 percent GDP growth at any cost. Instead, he proposes more participation from private enterprises rather than government-backed investments to revive the economy.
China Sets Benchmark On-grid Wind Power Price
The benchmark rate will establish consistent pricing, foster clear expectations and facilitate investment in the wind power sector, official said.
Mercury Casts Long Shadow over Wanshan
A Guizhou Province community where mercury was mined for centuries is grappling with a legacy of pollution – and death.
News AM July 27
Property Industry Calls for Government Support; CNNC Obtains 100 Billion Yuan Credit Line; Three Arrests in Mine Incident
Researcher: Policy Modifications Won't Hinder Growth
A researcher with an official think tank said the government should consider how to boost consumption instead of focusing on investment in the second half of 2009.
Blog: Get Ready for Soaring House Prices
Money supply functions as the most important variable when it comes to the medium- or long-term, as Freedman has told us.
China to Allow More Panda Bonds
The development and promotion of the panda bond market dovetails with China's effort to internationalize its currency, the yuan, as it seeks a greater say in multilateral financial institutions.
News PM July 24
Sichuan Expressway Shares to Debut on July 27; Huang Guangyu Sold Shares in Gome; Verdict Delivered on Child Rape Scandal
Copper Firm's Ex-Secretary Gets Day in Court
Embezzlement and bribery charges have been hanging over Chen Shaofei since he vanished from the public eye last year.
Leaked GDP Figures Raise Questions
Leaked second-quarter GDP statistics raise questions concerning how such leaks should be investigated and if punishment is necessary.
PBOC Makes Compulsory Bill Issue to BOC
The Bank of China is the only one of the four biggest state-owned commercial banks to be ordered to buy one-year central bank bills.
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