EC Approved Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal
The European Commission announced on Feb.18 that it has approved Microsoft's plan to buy Yahoo's internet search and search advertising businesses
South Korea's Benchmark Interest Rate Frozen for 12 Months
South Korea's central bank on Thursday announced in its monthly monetary policy meeting that the benchmark interest rate would remain at a record low of 2 percent for a 12th consecutive month.
PSA Reports A Net Loss of 1.16 Billion Euros in 2009
PSA Peugeot Citroen reported a full-year loss of 1.161 billion Euros on Feb.10; Statistics showed that in 2009, the group sold 3,188 million cars in the world, down 2.2 percent compared with that of 2008.
Four Rio Tinto Empolyees Prosecuted
Four Rio Tinto employees were indicted by prosecutors for asking and accepting huge bribes from several Chinese steel mills on multiple occasions and for having used improper means to obtain commercial secrets
Zhao Huayong Demoted Because of CCTV Fire
Zhao Huayong, the former CCTV head will receive an administrative demotion along with a severe warning from the Communist Party of China
Honda Recalls 430,000 Cars due to Airbag Faults
Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. in Japan announced a global recall of 437,763 vehicles for the hidden airbag problem
SAS Continued to Incur Losses in 2009
Scandinavian Airlines Group SAS posted a loss of SEK 1.3 billion (1 USD equals 7.4 SEK) in the fourth quarter. Despite its profitable third-quarter, SAS experienced a net loss of SEK 2.9 billion throughout the year
CNOOC Finds 3rd Deepwater Gas Field
CNOOC says partner Husky finds the 3rd deepwater gas field in South China Sea
Suzhou N-hexane Poisoning Investigations
On January 15, workers of Lianjian (China) Technology Co., Ltd. organized a massive demonstration in demand for year end bonus distribution.
Provincial Offices in Beijing Re-examined
On January 19, State Council Office issued oncerning the Strengthening and Standardizing
CITIC Private Equity Fund Sets Sail
After raising 9 billion yuan ($1.32 billion), Mianyang Private Equity Fund - the largest renminbi investment fund in China began operation, focusing primarily on finance
Realigning the Growth Enterprise Market
The Chinese Security Regulatory Commission (CSRC) is making adjustments to the newly found Growth Enterprise Market (GEM)
Public Hospital Reform Kicks Off
As an important component of the new health sector reform, uidelines for the Public Hospital Reform Trials will soon be published,
Crack Down on Soccer Corruption
Singapore police recent arrest order for Wang Xin sparked the anti-gambling and anti-fraud movement in the Chinese soccer community
Greek Prime Minister Denied Seeking Help from China
Papandreou acknowledged Greece faces credibility gap, but said Greece is taking measures to restore international confidence
China Central Banker Warns Potential Risk From USD Carry Trade
Massive capital flow caused by USD carry trade may raise poetical market risk for 2010
CDB May Launch Securities Unit In January
CDB's acquisition of Aviation Securities Co. will set a precedent for the domestic commercial bank’s directly holding of a securities firm
Reviewing Lawyer Li Zhuang Case
Li Zhuang, the lawyer who defended Gong Gangmo
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