China's Steel Company Expands Global Outreach
China's second-largest steel maker said it has started talks with an American steel maker for potential collaboration.
US Stocks Jumps on EU Bailout Plan
U.S. stocks rocked to their biggest gain in a year Monday with Dow index closing up nearly four percent after a massive rescue package for the eurozone eased investors' fear of a sovereign debt crisis.
US Fed Restarts Currency-Swap Tool with Other Central Banks
The U.S. Fed reopened its currency-swap tool with ECB, central banks of Britain and Swiss to provide enough dollars needed to keep the debt crisis from spreading.
IMF Board Approves 40Bln US Dollars Greece Loan
IMF approved some 40 billion U.S. dollars loan for debt-ridden Greece Sunday.
Greece MPs Pass Austerity Measures
Greek parliament has voted in favor of austerity cuts proposed by the government to address the country's financial crisis.
George Soros Aims Clean Energy Investment in China
George Soros says there are many investment opportunities in China as the country's government has made climate issues part of its public policy, which is unlike other countries or regions in the world.
Goldman Sachs Credit Rating Outlook Cut to "Negative" by Fitch
Fitch said the legal actions and regulatory changes could hurt the company's reputation and ability to earn money.
China's Energy Use Rises in Q1
China's energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product rose 3.2 percent in the first quarter, adding to pressure to cut consumption for the rest of 2010.
Protest Clashes over Greece Austerity Measures, Killing 3
At least three people have been killed in the Greek capital as protesters set fire to a bank during a general strike over planned austerity measures.
CNOOC Wraps Agentina Joint Venture
CNOOC has completed its planned 3.1 billion U.S. dollars acquisition of a 50 percent stake in an Argentine joint venture Bridas Corporation.
U.S. Gary Locke to Visit China, Pushing Energy Exporting
The U.S. trade delegation will promote exports of leading U.S. technologies related to clean energy, energy efficiency and electric storage, transmission and distribution.
German Cabinet Approves 22.4 Bln Euros Bailout for Greece
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Cabinet on Monday approved Germany's share of 22.4 billion euros to be paid over three years to Greece.
UAL, Continental to From Largest Airline
The combined new airline will serve 144 million customers per year as it flies to 370 destinations in 59 countries.
China to Raise Deposit Reserve Requirement Ratio by 0.5 Pct
China's central bank decided to raise the deposit reserve requirement ratio by 0.5 percentage points to keep the economy from overheating, effective on May 10.
PetroChina, Shell's Bid for Arrow Energy Gets Australian Gov's Approval
Australia has given foreign-investment approval for Royal Dutch Shell and PetroChina to buy coal-seam gas firm Arrow Energy Ltd for 3.2 billion U.S. dollars.
China Pledges Fairness to Foreign Companies
"The policy of encouraging indigenous innovation treats all businesses in China the same. It will not exclude foreign companies."
Sino-France to Build Multi-Polar Monetary System
French President Sarkozy pledged yesterday that France will work with China for a multi-polar monetary system when it assumes the rotating leadership of the G20 from November.
HP to Buy Palm for 1.2 Bln U.S. Dollars
HP announced Wednesday its decision to buy the smartphone maker Palm for 1.2 billion U.S. dollars by cash.
U.S. Fed Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged
The U.S. Federal Reserve decided to leave its rates unchanged in the range of zero to 0.25 percent, saying the economic conditions were likely to warrant exceptionally low levels for an extended period.
IMF, ECB Call for "Rapid" Greek Decision
IMF and ECB chiefs called on Wednesday for a "rapid" decision on aid for debt-ridden Greece, the level of which, has amounted to 45 billion euros.
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