China's Industrial Output Growth to Exceed 11Pct
China's industrial output growth will exceed the targeted 11 percent all through the year, despite a possible slowdown in the second half.
China's New Loans Approaches 5.9 Trillion Yuan
After adjusting for "informal securitization," China's new loans stood at about 5.9 trillion yuan in the first half.
China Shipbuilding Raises 17.3Bln Yuan via Placement
The company said it expected to make 4.2 billion yuan in net profit and 52.3 billion in revenue this year after the transaction.
Protectionist Myths
Evidently, the pessimism and despair that often overwhelms free traders today is unwarranted. The arguments of protectionists, new and old, are just so many myths that can be successfully challenged.
China's Direct Investment in the U.K. Jumps
China's direct investment in the United Kingdom rose to a record high in the fiscal year of 2009-10.
BP Says Well in the Gulf of Mexico Stops Flow of Oil
Engineers are closing monitoring the capped off well to see whether the capped-off well would hold or blow a new leak.
U.S. Congress Passes Landmark Financial Reform Bill
The Senate gave final approval to the bill by a 60-39 vote. President Obama is expected to sign the bill next week.
China Mulls More Space for Loan-Resource Exchange Overseas
China is considering policies to provide loans to the mineral-rich countries in exchange for resources.
China Will Not Change Macroeconomic Control Policy: Economist
China is unlikely to change its macro-economic control policies in the next half of the year.
U.S. Fed Revises Down Growth Outlook
The minutes said that that changes to the outlook "were viewed as relatively modest and as not warranting policy accommodation beyond that already in place."
Estonia Gets Final Nod for 2011 Euro Entry
Estonia will become the 17th European Union country to share the Euro currency as of January 1, the EU said.
U.N. Command-N. Korea Meeting Rescheduled for Thursday
The military talks between the UNC and the North Korea will take place at 10:00 a.m. on July 15 in Panmunjeom.
Shanghai Stock Exchange to Launch International Board in H1 2011: E&Y
The Shanghai Stock Exchange is likely to launch an international board in the first half of next year, which would allow foreign companies to sell shares denominated in Chinese currency for the first time.
U.S. Issues New Oil Drilling Ban
The U.S. government issued a revised version of moratorium on offshore oil drilling Monday, after an earlier attempt was struck down late last month by a federal judge.
Poland – Island of Stability in the European Sea of Trouble
It is not, however, that there is a wide gap between the two candidates. The difference of style is more significant than the difference of substance.
China's June Exports Hit Record High
Chinese exports surged 43 percent year-on-year, or 4.3 percent month-on-month to 137.4 billion U.S. dollars in June.
China's Property Price Rises 11.4Pct in June
Housing prices rose 11.4 percent in June, narrowing from the 15.1 percent rise in May.
China's Money Supply, Lending Drop as Economy Slows
Banks in China extended 4.63 trillion yuan in loans in the first half year; M1 growth fell to 24.6 percent in June.
IMF Ups China's Growth Outlook to 10.5Pct
The International Monetary Fund raised its growth projection for China by 0.5 percentage points to 10.5 percent for 2010 while cut forecast for 2011 by 0.3 percent to 9.6 percent.
U.S.: China Not a Currency Manipulator
The U.S. Treasury declined to name China as a currency manipulator in a long-awaited report to Congress Thursday but maintained that Chinese yuan was undervalued.
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